TV viewing that is anything but old school

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I remember when I was finally old enough to stay up and watch The Cosby Show. For someone with a super early bedtime growing up, it was a big deal. I could stay up AND talk about the show the next day at school. I still remember the night so perfectly. I was sitting on our worn out blue couch with my older brother (who had rights to this particular privilege for 3 whole years before me!). I watched the opening credits and I waited. And you know what? I watched EVERY SINGLE COMMERCIAL. The show was most memorable for the fact that it meant that I had made it. This was a right of passage in my family and I rocked it.

That seems like ages ago. And technologically, it sure was. We have come so far. On the rare occasion when my children are actually watching live television, they want to know why we can’t skip through commercials. (Well, that and because my one of my son’s might be in one, but still). When I watched that very first The Cosby Show, I sat through every darn commercial and I didn’t complain once. It was part of the experience. I know that I’m dating myself, but it’s out of pride.

I told my kids about how special that show was to me, and they died laughing. “That is so old school. Couldn’t you just record it and watch it in the morning?” If only it were that easy. Oh, and I also couldn’t text my friends what I thought of each plot line. We didn’t have cell phones. I remember when I got my first private line and answering machine complete with tape recorder. Okay, I’m done reminiscing.

My, how the times have changed. Recording shows to watch later will never get old to me, and the ability to record several shows at once just brings everything to an entirely new level. My husband seems to call dibs on all of the recordings on our TV, but no longer. We won’t miss out on any more Wizards of Waverly Place and ANT Farm because of his various documentaries on documentaries. No joke. That’s how he rolls.

Lately my kids have been in disagreement over which particular Disney show to watch during TV time. Thankfully, they don’t have to agree and I love that. With the Dish Hopper, I can stick my Pair of Kings lover in my room so that the others could watch Selena Gomez in the main room. Sometimes sharing is hard, so I’m going to respect that. Plus, I’m all about picking my battles, but that’s another post altogether.

I will tell you what I miss, though. And it seems that there is no Dish Hopper cure for that. I want my kids to watch Sesame Street or Disney Junior. They grew up way too fast. Where is the pause button for that?

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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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