Twelve Signs You’re Addicted To Candy Crush

If you are ever on Facebook, the odds are incredibly small that you haven’t seen a status update or news feed item about Candy Crush. Candy Crush is a match-three game that you can play on Facebook or on your smart phone. And it is crazy-addicting. I started playing it after I saw my friends chatting about it. I spend a lot of time in Doctors’ offices, so I figured a new game to play would be fun. What my friends did NOT tell me is that Candy Crush ruins lives. Okay not really, but it will completely suck your will to live. Potato, potahto.

My name is Heather, and I am addicted to Candy Crush. Here are some signs you might be, too.

  • Your significant other innocently asks you what you’re doing and you immediately snap NOT PLAYING CANDY CRUSH! 1 of 12
    Seriously, it's hard and it needs all of your concentration.
  • You sweat when you walk down the candy aisle at the grocery store. 2 of 12
    The candy aisle is so stressful now.
  • You laugh silently whenever someone says they will NEVER connect Candy Crush to Facebook. 3 of 12
    And then you laugh even harder when you get a ticket request from that person a few days later.
  • You do stuff like this to yourself. 4 of 12
    I mean...seriously? via Daily Charme
  • You have your computer, iPhone, iPod, and iPad all next to you so you can get fresh lives. 5 of 12
    Also because I obviously see the game differently depending on the screen size, duh.
  • You start telling people what Episode you’re on because it’s less embarrassing than admitting the actual level. 6 of 12
    It's just easier this way.
  • You send texts to your friends at all hours. 7 of 12
    And when they don't respond immediately, you are INDIGNANT.
  • You scream out puzzling things like I HATE CHOCOLATE! on the regular. 8 of 12
    Who knew you could hate chocolate so much?
  • You curse the day you discovered the time travel cheat. 9 of 12
    What's the time travel cheat, you ask? You've been warned.
  • You dream about it. 10 of 12
    And even in your dreams, you can't pass level 135.
  • You search YouTube for walk-throughs even though they are useless. 11 of 12
    The board is always different, yet I am still convinced a YouTube walk-through is the key to victory.
  • You finish this list and immediately start playing Candy Crush. 12 of 12
    Send me a life while you're at it, please!


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Article Posted 5 years Ago

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