Under The Weather … I Mean Sea

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find-your-voiceParents seemingly never have downtime. For me, I’m coming off an 8-week stint of digital craziness working on a TV show, running two websites and trying to fit in some quality time with my son. God forbid we sleep or get sick!

My crazy 12-18 hour day schedule completely stripped me of energy so I decided to catch up on some sleep. AND THAT’S WHEN IT HAPPENED. I got sick.

I am no fun when I’m under the weather but I try to find moments of normalcy amidst the coughing and fevers. For me, that has always meant playing music. When I’m sad, tired, angry, sick, introverted, sleepy or otherwise, I play guitar. Period. When my dad passed away I played music on the stoop of his house. When I felt insecure at a party, I sat in the corner and entertained myself with a random guitar. It became a voice for me when I couldn’t find one.

I never learned how to sing, but guitar made me try singing in front of people because I wasn’t really good enough to play guitar all by itself. In every artistic endeavor I attempt, music is the heartbeat at its center. Learning the fundamentals about rhythm, dynamics and melody have totally colored my writing too.

It’s really important to me that I teach my son the importance of finding his own musical voice. I want him to know he can use music for the incredible panacea it really is. It can match , improve, depress or change emotional states. It’s magic.

And magic is something Disney has long known a bit about. Their movies have had a similar effect on me growing up.

So here I am combined the two. Singing and playing guitar (albeit sick as a dog) with a Disney song. It’s like cross the streams. Enjoy.

Ultimately, it’s my job to help my son find his unique voice… even if it’s a bit congested like mine. 😉

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Article Posted 3 years Ago

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