Unpredictable Predictive Text

Does anyone else have fun with predictive text? You know, when you are on and you start to type in a search word or phrase, and Google auto-populates popular search terms. I usually have a google chuckle or two out of the suggestions, but recently I found a few search terms where the popular results made me terribly sad.

I found the first one by accident. I was googling something for my daughter, and I typed in “My daughter is,” and then paused for a second, distracted. When I looked back at the screen, I found these results:

my daughter is

I was shocked! I typed in “My son is” to see if the results were any better.

my son is
Okay, to be fair, the Bort thing made me laugh.

I decided to see what people are searching for regarding their other family members.

My mother in law is:

mother in law

My father in law is:

father in law

My mom is:
my mom is

My dad is:
my dad is


My husband suggested I search these last two.

Being a mom is:
being a mom

Being a dad is:
being a dad


I don’t know why any of these answers surprise me, but they do. I guess I was hoping to see things like, “My daughter is…awesome!” “My dad is…funny!” “My mom is…smart!” The amount of negativity is jarring.

I think the “Being a mom is” search is especially interesting. Being a mom IS hard, and it’s definitely enough if that’s what you want out of life. But why the, “being a mom is not a job” search? I can’t believe this is still a debate. Sure, when you’re a parent, you’re not “employed” in the traditional way, but it is some of the hardest work you’ll ever do.

I don’t really know what to make of this – especially the slightly more positive results when searching about men. What do you think? Why do people search so many mean, negative things?

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Article Posted 3 years Ago

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