10 Ideas for an Un-Romantic Valentine’s Day Your Man Will Love

Back when we were first dating, my husband told me he thought it was a little unfair that men are expected to wow us ladies on both Valentine’s Day and anniversaries with a sort of “romance” that they don’t really enjoy all that much. I thought that was pretty reasonable, so we made a deal: On our anniversary he would plan something special for the two of us, and in exchange I would take on Valentine’s Day and plan something pointedly un-romantic that he would think was fun. Thus, our tradition was born: Un-Romantic Valentine’s Day. If you like this idea, why not surprise your man with a totally un-romantic date this year? Here’s some inspiration from our Un-Romantic Valentine’s Day dates of past…

And I’ll be honest, this year I’ve got some gourmet beef jerky and a few jars of authentic Gatlinburg moonshine, but I’m currently cobbling together my plan at the last minute right here on this plane, so any and all ideas are welcome in the comments…

  • Man Food 1 of 10
    Man Food
    Eat at a restaurant with zero romantic mood lighting and ten bajillion calories per serving. We've done L.A. institutions Pinks Hot Dogs and the delicious Roscoe's Chicken and Waffles. Bonus: No lines.
    Photo via Her Daily Mag.
  • Shooting Range 2 of 10
    Shooting Range
    Spend the romantic day shooting guns at your local range. We've done both your traditional indoor range, but even more fun was the year we went skeet shooting followed by whisky tasting.
    Photo via OV Outdoors.
  • Poker Night 3 of 10
    Poker Night
    Set up a poker night at the house or go out for a big night on the town and hit up a casino. We've never done this because my hubs doesn't gamble, but my BIL would love it.
    Photo via Im a Poker Hustler.
  • Beer Tour 4 of 10
    Beer Tour
    Check out a distillery or beer factory in the area for a day tour. Cheers!
    Photo via Trend Hunter.
  • Go Kart Racing 5 of 10
    Go Kart Racing
    We had a blast doing this one year, but next time I'll probably let him win.
    Photo via Umigo Racing.
  • Flying Lessons 6 of 10
    Flying Lessons
    Take an introductory flying course and by next year you can take the private jet out on Valentine's Day, ha.
    Photo via Pro Soaring.
  • Cave Exploring and Old Timey Fun 7 of 10
    Cave Exploring and Old Timey Fun
    We are really into caves. Maybe you can go to the river or the lake or what have you, just make it interesting or off the beaten path. Anything with an "old west" theme is likey to be a winner.
    Photo via Cave Store.
  • Zipline Tour 8 of 10
    Zipline Tour
    My husband really enjoys seeing me scared, but it's really only terrifying the very first jump. After that, it's all downhill. HA, i kid, I promise you will love it. We did it on Catalina one year.
    Photo via Catalina Express.
  • Comedy Show 9 of 10
    Comedy Show
    Take him to see some live comedy. I would love to snag tickets to Louis CK, but since I actually like Louis CK that would defeat the point. Instead we went to Katt Williams. It was, umm, uhh.... I don't have the words.
    Photo via NY Times.
  • Predator (Movie Night) 10 of 10
    Predator (Movie Night)
    When you can't find a babysitter, have an unromantic Valentine's Day by cooking up a meat-centric meal and watching total dude movies... You can't go wrong with Predator. There's a new Die Hard coming out on Valentine's day, right? That might be just the last minute solution I need. Anyone wanna volunteer to babysit?
    Photo via Movies.

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