Updating Gender Reveal Baby Showers for 2013

Happy New Year!
Don’t you love how the new year is symbolized by a baby? Everything seems so fresh, new and smells as edible as baby toes on Day 1.

But…wait…how do we know what color socks to put on those baby toes?  Gasp, there was no Gender Reveal Party for the New Year Baby! How in the world can we move forward into the New Year without knowing what the gender of the New Year Baby is?

Hopefully, this is an indication that the ridiculous practice of Gender Reveal Parties will be one of the first dumb trends of 2012 to bite the dust. Gathering your family and friends to see your ultrasound, or to view the results with you baked into a cake or boxed into balloons is strange enough, and seems completely devoid of respect for the potential atypical “surprises” some parent receive as results that that procedure. Add to that the social reactivity of reinforcing the pink v. blue divide before your baby is even born seems entrenched in outdated understanding of how to parent our youngest children. There are so many things wrong with the idea of a Gender Reveal Party that this has to go away, right?

Here’s hoping so. Toward that end, let’s look at how to have a Gender Reveal Party updated for 2013.

  • Step 1 1 of 5
    Step 1
    Decide to have a Gender Reveal Party! Pause for a second to think: hey, that's the wrong word! A sonogram only shows which sex organs might be present, like sexing a chicken or other barnyard animal, whereas gender is a rich and complicated concept of the expression of both natural and performed characteristics that are impacted and filtered through myriad variables including social expectation. What what? A so-called "Gender Reveal" can do not such thing, of course. So it's really a Sex Reveal Party. Update your invitations!

    Shockingly, these are real invitations, summarizing much of what is damaging about the gender dichotomy in one fell swoop. Via Etsy
  • Step 2 2 of 5
    Step 2
    Pause to wonder why in the world you are doing this anyway. Just because a child has one type of sex organ or another really means nothing about who they are as a person. Why are you wanting to reinfo, where you come to know who your child is over years of development? But yeah, I know, you want a cake, so party on!

    Creative Commons License Image Via Flickr
  • Step 3 3 of 5
    Step 3
    Ask your doctor or midwife to mail the super sensitive medical results to my bakery. (Um, so it's weird they say yes, isn't it?) My bakery uses one of the new gender neutral Easy-Bake Ovens. Hasbro's evolution away from pink is yet another sign that the pink/blue dichotomy is a thing of the past. Now I'll take your super sensitive , stir them into my cake mix. Have your friends and family gather around so they will know what color socks to buy your wee one. (The wrong color can prove dangerous for young toes, so that must be why your doctor agreed to this baked goods reveal.) More about the Hasbro Easy-Bake news at the Boston Globe.

    Read more about the Easy-Bake changes at the Boston Globe.
  • Step 4 4 of 5
    Step 4
    Your Surprise Sex Cake is ready! Voila! Your Sex Cake reveals your baby will be: a baby! A little bitty baby, an amazing, unknown miracle, alike other babies only in that they all are open to daily discoveries and a lifetime of coming to know the world, who they are, and how they want to express themselves. Yay!

    Creative Commons License Image Via Flickr
  • Step 5 5 of 5
    Step 5
    Put all sorts of socks and booties of every color on your registry! Not that the socks will stay on long, toes demand to be free. O cute babies with chubby, I could eat you up. (But only girl baby toes. Boy baby toes taste like puppy dog tails, while female baby toes taste like Cinnabon icing. Obviously.)

    Creative Commons License Image Via Flickr

Much better. Mmmm, rainbow cake. Need some ideas or recipes?

Have you been to a Gender Reveal or Look at My Sonogram Party? What are your thoughts on the practice?

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