Valentine’s Day ideas your boys will love

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I don’t know about your sons, but mine are less than enthusiastic about Valentine’s day — which is a shame, because there is so much good about the day, at least the way that kids get to celebrate.

(Yes, it’s over commercialized and trite for adults – I mean, have you tried to make a dinner reservation for Valentine’s Day? Total amateur night and torture. I prefer to stay home.)

Despite my less than enthusiastic embrace of the day for adults, I think that the emphasis on love and friendship and acknowledging the people you care about is a great thing. Anytime I can help my sons share their feelings, I’m game.

So every year I look for ways to encourage my boys to enjoy the day — without forcing them to do it with pink doilies and roses. Because love is love, even if you express it with toy soldiers.

  • ARRR you ready for some pirate valentines? 1 of 12
    ARRR you ready for some pirate valentines?
    Of course you are! Boy and girl pirates for all! Find them at Mer Mag.
  • All’s fair in love and war…. 2 of 12
    All's fair in love and war....
    These are funny and have been on my mind since I discovered them last year. Love is a battlefield, indeed! Find them at Jacolyn Murphy.
  • Ralph’s MadLib Valentines 3 of 12
    Ralph's MadLib Valentines
    Clever and easy idea for an older child, from Gabby Blair, AKA Design Mom. Find them at Design Mom.
  • Wheels! 4 of 12
    I can't resist a sweet pun. Sue me! I "wheelie" like these and think they would be adorable for a preschooler. Find them at Thirty Handmade Days.
  • Love Bugs 5 of 12
    Love Bugs
    If your child isn't interested in red and white candy hearts, perhaps you can interest them in bugs? These are fabulous and fun! Find them at Dandee Designs.
  • Superhero Valentines 6 of 12
    Superhero Valentines
    Lollipops dressed up as superheroes. Need I say more? Your little superman will love sharing these with friends! Find them at Zakka Life.
  • Hey Valentine, Let’s Stick Together 7 of 12
    Hey Valentine, Let's Stick Together
    These have to be my favorites: Simple, fun and not too sweet at all. Find them at Skip To My Lou.
  • Let’s Roll, Valentine 8 of 12
    Let's Roll, Valentine
    Boys and their wheels -- I will never understand the obsession, but I can certainly help them share it. Find them at Thirty Handmade Days.
  • Stuck on You 9 of 12
    Stuck on You
    These are cute as a button, and she shares them in two color schemes! Find them at Mer Mag.
  • An Awesome Book of Love! 10 of 12
    An Awesome Book of Love!
    My family loves Dallas Clayton, and his "Awesome Book of Love!" shows the boys how great it is to express love -- sweet, but not too much. Find it at Amazon.
  • Valentine, you make my heart bounce! 11 of 12
    Valentine, you make my heart bounce!
    I love the easy tutorial and the inexpensive (and candy-free) gift. Find it at The Crafting Chicks.
  • For the boys (and girls, too!) 12 of 12
    For the boys (and girls, too!)
    I agree with Brittany, "Okay, don't leave me any mean comments below—I know that these printable school valentines can be for boys and girls (believe me—I have a son and three daughters). But I feel like there is often a shortage of boy valentines" -- as a mother of three boys, I appreciate her sharing these boy-awesome valentines. Find them at One Charming Party.

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