Valentine’s Gifts for Minnie Lovers

minniepillowIs there any couple sweeter than Mickey and Minnie Mouse? One of the most endearing things about Minnie and Mickey are their complete and utter devotion to one another. You never worry about Mickey and Minnie breaking up. These two are in it for the long haul.

Let’s face it -this iconic couple has been going strong longer than most of our grandparents! We could learn a lot about relationships from them. 

I love the sweet old fashioned-ness of Minnie Mouse and I’m not alone. Minnie fans are legion and Valentine’s Day is a perfect day to treat the Minnie fan in your life (whether she is mini or full grown) to a little love.

Minnie is always fabulous, always a lady and always kind. It’s impossible not to to love this character and easy to see why she is so popular with Disney fans.

  • Sweet Gifts for Minnie Lovers 1 of 16
    Sweet Gifts for Minnie Lovers
    Got a Minnie fan in your life? Here's some sweet treats to shower her with this Valentine's day.
  • Sequined Minnie 2 of 16
    Sequined Minnie
    This headband sparkles and has a bow - any Minnie fan would love it. Minnie Ears $19.95
  • Posh Minnie 3 of 16
    Posh Minnie
    Minnie has a heart of gold and this solid gold necklace is a fine and treasured keepsake for a Minnie fan. Minnie Dream Gold & Diamond Necklace $500
  • Minnie Costume 4 of 16
    Minnie Costume
    Who's this treat a treat for? Both the baby who wears this and everyone who looks at her, will be in love. Minnie Mouse Baby Costume $34.50
  • Minnie Set 5 of 16
    Minnie Set
    The adorable case that holds this set is a keepsake in itself! Minnie Ring and Necklace set $12.50
  • Splash Minnie 6 of 16
    Splash Minnie
    What little girl doesn't love to splash in puddles? These boots let her do so in style. Minnie Boots $24.50
  • Gourmet Minnie 7 of 16
    Gourmet Minnie
    This apron would be a perfect gift for the Minnie loving chef or mini chef in your life. Pair with chocolate! Minnie Mouse Apron $16.95
  • Bow Bracelet Minnie 8 of 16
    Bow Bracelet Minnie
    Sometimes it is the little things - like this charming bow bracelet. Minnie Bracelet $7.50
  • Minnie Shoes 9 of 16
    Minnie Shoes
    How adorable are these shoes? Love the bows! Minnie Shoes $8.75
  • Plush Minnie 10 of 16
    Plush Minnie
    Sweet dreams are a certainty with this plush Minnie pillow. Minnie Pillow $15
  • Retro Couture Minnie 11 of 16
    Retro Couture Minnie
    The articulated joints and vintage style of this necklace make it utterly irresistible. Minnie Couture Necklace $54.99
  • Bling Minnie 12 of 16
    Bling Minnie
    Let the whole world know she's a love with this blingy Minnie Phone case. She'll sparkle when she sends you texts. Minnie Phone Case $44.95
  • Polished Minnie 13 of 16
    Polished Minnie
    Minnie has her own color collection! Stay in the pink and red with signature Minnie Manis. Mini Minnie polish set by OPI $18.25
  • Minnie & Mini me 14 of 16
    Minnie & Mini me
    Can you imaging walking around Disneyland or Disneyworld with this adorable stroller? Love at first sight! Minnie Mouse Stroller $219.50
  • Packed with Love 15 of 16
    Packed with Love
    This backpack and lunchbag would be adorable as a gift on their own and totally over the top adorable packed up with Valentine's day treats and candy. Minnie Lunch Tote $12.50 & Minnie Backpack $19.50
  • Love the Shades 16 of 16
    Love the Shades
    There are no sunglesses more adorable than these heart shaped Minnie glasses - they truly have the look of love! Minnie Sunglasses $4.50

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