Video: Drawing Club Penguin’s Aunt Arctic

One of the super special surprises Club Penguin had in store for us was being able to witness their incredibly talented artists do what they do best, draw penguins! At first the artists drew what they new best, Rockhopper, Sensei, Cadence, Gary the Gadget Guy, and Aunt Arctic. Soon the artists were drawing dragon penguins, penguin families with puffle pets and any other special request we could come up with. To say these artists were talented would be an understatement, I was even lucky enough to leave with my own family in penguins, including a one eyed puffle to represent my beloved one eyed cat.

Curious how the characters come to be? I recorded Club Penguin artist Neil drawing Aunt Arctic, while I sped it up for this video, it only took him about eight minutes from beginning to end to complete her.

Curious to see some more creations? Click through to see some well known characters as well as some totally unique ones as well!

  • Cadence 1 of 8
    A giant conference table full of Club Penguin artists, this one was working on Cadence.
  • Jet Pack Guy 2 of 8
    Jet Pack Guy
    A penguin! In a suit! With a jet pack!
  • Rockhopper 3 of 8
    This one is one of my favorites, it may have come home with me. 🙂
  • Viking Penguin 4 of 8
    Viking Penguin
    If I'm wrong and this isn't a viking penguin, I'm terribly sorry, my husband is on a Vikings kick on the History Channel. All Vikings, all the time.
  • Sensei 5 of 8
    This one was drawn by Neil, the same artist in the video. Apparently the mascots and ninjas are his specialty.
  • Cadence and her Puffle 6 of 8
    Cadence and her Puffle
    Pencil sketch of Cadence with her Puffle.
  • At Work 7 of 8
    At Work
    An easy way to tell the artists apart was by the color of pencil they chose to use.
  • My Family in Penguins 8 of 8
    My Family in Penguins
    ACK! I mean. I've basically cleared out an entire wall for this picture alone. AMAZING.

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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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