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This may be the season for sleigh bells to be jingling, but if you’re like too many in this economy, your pockets aren’t. (See what I did there? Jingling of sleigh bells, jingling of pocket change? I still got it!)

And even if y’all are flush with cash, there’s no reason to spend like crazy. Why not find fun and creative ways to save some moula this holiday season? I’ve got a few suggestions to get you started:

1. Think Small.

If you’re in the market for a Christmas tree this year, consider getting a smaller one. Whether it’s artificial or live, a smaller tree is going to be less expensive; you can add height with a hidden stand underneath the tree skirt, and with a tall tree topper. Money in the bank!

2. Search Wisely.

Use Target’s online gift finder. Specify who the gift is for (like him or her, girl or boy, teen girl or boy, etc.) and select the amount that is within your budget. For example, I selected “boy” and amount between $15 and $25. Guess what came up? My boy’s beloved Air Hogs Hover Assault Helicopter. Target, you really know me. *wipes away tear*

3.  Get Back to Nature.

Instead of adding to your Christmas decorations by purchasing new items, why not decorate your home with nature’s bounty? Take the kids on a nature walk and gather items like pine cones, evergreen branches, bare branches, and even mistletoe if it grows in your area. Put bare branches in a vase and hang ornaments from them; decorate your mantle with the evergreen boughs and pine cones; and of course, hang the mistletoe in that perfect spot. Smooch.

4. Give Yourself a Bonus.

Target red cards give you 5% back on purchases; the beauty of this is that it doesn’t have to be a Target credit card. You can also get a Target red card that’s basically a debit card, drawing directly from your current checking account. And that 5% back really ads up…and the free shipping from Target online is awesome, too.

5. Think Outside the Box.

You’ve got to wrap those presents; consider using newspaper or buying solid color wrapping paper in off-season colors like bright yellow or orange. You might be able find them for a reduced price, and they will be usable all year long. I promise, all of those bright colors will feel really festive under the tree! Even better — if your family is funny (or whatever), buy outrageous paper — baby shower, graduation, over the hill — whatever is on sale and make it a joke. It’ll bring an extra smile to everyone’s faces.

  • This little tree doesn’t feel any less grand than a big tree, does it? 1 of 7
    This little tree doesn't feel any less grand than a big tree, does it?
    ...and it's even in a large room. So sweet. Source.
  • Wee tree. 2 of 7
    Wee tree.
    Wee tree. This adorable thing won't break the bank (ssshh...could even fake it with a branch!). Source.
  • Doesn’t even need ornaments! 3 of 7
    Doesn't even need ornaments!
    Simple. Clean. Glittery. This sparse little tree is perfect for a small space..or budget. Source.
  • Wooden stick DIY Christmas tree. 4 of 7
    Wooden stick DIY Christmas tree.
    Beautiful in it's simplicity. Anyone can do this lovely DIY. Source.
  • Another stick wall tree! This one dolled up with lights and ornaments. 🙂 5 of 7
    Another stick wall tree! This one dolled up with lights and ornaments. :)
    Love this...great idea! Source.
  • Newspaper as wrapping paper. 6 of 7
    Newspaper as wrapping paper.
    Cheap, graphic, and has a timeless feeling. Source.
  • Neon under the tree? 7 of 7
    Neon under the tree?
    Yes, please. Source.

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