We Took Our Four Year Old And A Friend To Disneyland And Lived To Tell The Tale


Believe it or not, I’ve made it through four years of parenthood without ever being solely responsible for anyone’s child but my own. I know. I know. But that’s the sort of naiveté that can come with only having one kid. You can get pretty far on the 2:1 ratio before you realize that you have four tickets to Disneyland and only three family members to use them on. And lo and behold my kiddo has a pretty great friend from school she wanted to invite whose Mama trusted me more than I trusted myself all of a sudden there we were 2:2 in the Happiest (and biggest/most crowded) place on earth.

I’m still pinching myself because we made it through the entire day with no one bursting in to tears and no fights at all (okay a tiny scuffle over whether or not one hit the other accidentally but with two four year olds that is freakin’ Woodstock.) We had lunch at Ariel’s Grotto which besides costing as much as admission was one of the greatest Disney experiences I’ve ever had. One by one the Princesses came to our table to chat with our girls, and when it was over an awed Delilah whispered to her buddy “I think those were the real princesses. I wonder why they all wanted to take their picture with us.” I mean…you can’t put a price on memories like those (but if you could it would be $40 a plate for adults and $21 for children).

The day was pure magic, and a whole different experience than taking our girl to Disneyland solo, but the exhaustion Scott and I shared when we fell in to bed at the end of the day having been on constant alert with not only our own precious cargo but someone else’s as well — oh MAN keeping those two little ones safe and happy for eight hours of magic was a miracle in and of itself.



Article Posted 3 years Ago

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