We Wish You An Awkward Christmas

Well. This is awkward, isn’t it?

Dear Loved Ones,

Hope this letter finds you as full up of holiday spirits as we are.

Wow. What a year! First, Serge accepted a new position at Goldman Sachs, which, in case you don’t know, is a Fortune 500 Company, and he created a new energy drink which is selling like hot cakes! We’re so proud of him! Serge also enjoys spending LOTS of time on the computer while locked in the bathroom. He says he’s working on a “big surprise” and we have no doubt it’s probably some sort of new app or computer program because he’s in there so much. What a hard worker!

Monica has been busy running marathons! She’s addicted! Although coming in sixth at the Boston Marathon was a little embarrassing, her New Year’s resolution is to train harder! In addition to yelling at Serge to get out of the bathroom (LOL!) Monica is busy working on a book that she thinks will be a bestseller. Can’t tell you what it’s about because we don’t want you to steal the ideal (LOL!) but it will be amazing. In what little spare time she has (she is SO busy!) she enjoys volunteering at the local soup kitchen and giving inspirational talks at places like the library. They didn’t even ask her to make the speech, she just took the initiative to do it! She did such a good job she thinks that next time they’ll invite her to make a speech! Such a go-getter!

Violet is reading at a 5th grade level and is the darling of her pre-school class, of course. Yesterday she painted a portrait that is as good as anything hanging in The Met, we think. Because she is so beautiful we have decided that now is the time to start her modeling/acting career. She has landed a big time agent that we found online and we spent nearly $2,000 on new portfolio pictures. We’re still waiting to get those in the mail! Exciting!

Henry continues to amaze us with his Play-Doh sculptures. We don’t mean to brag (LOL!) but we are pretty certain that he is gifted. His sculptures can be found in the homes of several of our friends (we gave them as Christmas gifts this year!) because they are so artistically amazing. Our little sculptor!

Our one Christmas wish for you this year is that you will feel as blessed and fortunate as we do. Please find our Christmas card photos below!


  • Happy Holidays! 1 of 26
    Happy Holidays!
    It was probably a bad idea to attempt to pose with a stray cat.
  • Max Photobombs 2 of 26
    Max Photobombs
    Oh, Max!
  • Max Photobombs Again 3 of 26
    Max Photobombs Again
    Seriously, Max! Stop it. And, um? This cat is hurting me.
  • Violet, Come Back Here 4 of 26
    Violet, Come Back Here
    Dammit, you guys. This isn't working.
  • Run For Your Lives, The Cat Is Going Rogue! 5 of 26
    Run For Your Lives, The Cat Is Going Rogue!
    Yeah, posing with the stray cat I feed was probably a bad call.
  • Uh… Serge? 6 of 26
    Uh... Serge?
    If you're wondering why Serge is holding his cup of hot cocoa with a pot holder the answer is...We don't know.
  • You’re Supposed To Look At The Camera! 7 of 26
    You're Supposed To Look At The Camera!
    This way, you guys! Look this way!
  • Say Cheese 8 of 26
    Say Cheese
    But look at the camera first!
  • Fail 9 of 26
    Oh, damn. Your eyes were closed in that one.
  • Dad? 10 of 26
    Hold on, where did dad go?
  • Obviously A Winner 11 of 26
    Obviously A Winner
    This photo is obviously fantastic. If only Stevie Nicks (the cat, not the singer) was looking at the camera, though.
  • Bribery 12 of 26
    Will get you everywhere. Lollipops for the win.
  • Another Classic 13 of 26
    Another Classic
    Except the damn cat won't look at the camera. DAMMIT STEVE NICKS. I told Serge to give the camera his bedroom eyes. That's them. And he wonders why we don't do "it" more.
  • Are We Feeling It? 14 of 26
    Are We Feeling It?
    I think we're feeling it! Except, wait! Mom's still bandaging her scratches.
  • Are We Done Yet? 15 of 26
    Are We Done Yet?
    Hey, you guys want another lollipop?
  • Say Cheese… Please? 16 of 26
    Say Cheese... Please?
    You want some chocolate Henry? How about another lollipop?
  • We Do This All The Time 17 of 26
    We Do This All The Time
    Just a coupla gals hanging around in front of this Santa blanket.
  • He Loves This 18 of 26
    He Loves This
    Seriously. He loves it. C'mon Max. You can do it. No seriously, we do this all the time. COME ON MAX. DAMMIT!
  • Mom & Max 19 of 26
    Mom & Max
    We're going to make a tree ornament out of this one, obviously.
  • Over It 20 of 26
    Over It
    Get that camera off me.
  • Totally Over It 21 of 26
    Totally Over It
  • Naughty 22 of 26
    Lump of coal, fo sho.
  • My Tummy Hurts 23 of 26
    My Tummy Hurts
    This is, like, my fourth lollipop. I don't feel so good.
  • Sergey Claus 24 of 26
    Sergey Claus
    I am a thoughtful, compassionate man filled with the spirit of Christmas... and Christmas spirits.
  • Cat Lady 25 of 26
    Cat Lady
    You will pose in this photo, cat, AND YOU WILL LIKE IT.
  • Merry Christmas 26 of 26
    Merry Christmas
    And Happy New Year, y'all!

You can also find Monica on her personal blog, The Girl Who.

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