Weekend linkage

1. In case you haven’t seen this yet, “If 2012’s Oscar-nominated movie posters told the truth“:

2. This isn’t strictly film-related, but it’s clever as hell — Nerd discovers exactly which day was Ice Cube’s “good day”

“went to short dogs house,
they was watching Yo MTV
Yo MTV RAPS first aired:
Aug 6th 1988
Ice Cubes single “today was a good day” released on:
Feb 23 1993
“The Lakers beat the Super
Dates between Yo MTV Raps air date AUGUST 6 1988 and the release of the single FEBRUARY 23 1993 where the Lakers beat the Super Sonics:
Nov 11 1988    114-103
Nov 30 1988    110-106
. . .

It’s the work of a true fan.

3. This isn’t at all film-related, but it’s delightful — When Used Books Attack: Banana Edition:

But Tom, the store’s owner, found a book yesterday morning that can only be classified under ‘Things That Will Make You Claw at Your Own Eyes’. Behold: BE BOLD WITH BANANAS.

What is that on the left? Are those intestines?!? DO NOT WANT.

4. On Bullseye, Jesse Thorn interviews Jenna Fischer, who we all know as Pam from The Office, and Jack Handey, who is a real person and not a fake name that someone else attached to all those “Deep Thoughts” from Saturday Night Live:

5. And lastly, Empire’s highly-debatable but wonderfully ambitious 500 Greatest Movies of All Time, according to the actors, critics, and readers they polled:

Have a nice weekend!

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