Welcome To My Whoorld

Hello, friends and complete strangers! My name is Sarah, and welcome to What in the Whoorld?! (Quick aside – my personal blog is named “whoorl,” hence the misspelling of “whoorld.” Get it? Whoorl-d? Get ready for some amazing shards of brilliance over here, is all I’m sayin’.)

Back to the task at hand! This, oh friends and strangers, is the lovely space where I will bitch write write about my family. You see, I used to bitch write about my family regularly at my personal blog, but it seems I’ve been distracted by extremely important matters over there, such as cute scarves, beauty products and the like. The humanity.

A bit about my children, who, by the way, are referred to as Whoorlito and Whoorlita (or Wito and Wita for short) online. (Good Lord, are you still with me with all of this whoorl crap? CRIMINY.) Wito is my 5-year-old boy who just started kindergarten. He Loves! Life! In a Very Loud Manner! He also has a wicked photographic memory, started reading at 2 1/2 years old, but only uses these skills to memorize Pixar movie scripts. So, we’re obviously moving in the right direction with him. Wita is my 13-month-old daughter who sleeps and naps like a dream, but chooses to utilize her waking hours by terrorizing my family with methods such as screaming, hitting and knocking everything over in her line of sight.

Despite their quirks, I think my kids are pretty fantastic individuals (as I’m sure you feel the same about your own), but let’s be honest, I need a Calgon moment once in awhile. In fact, just yesterday I grabbed a pen and compiled a list of parental “moments” I’ve recently experienced, and guess what? I have enough material to keep this space going for at least 2 years. Fab.

I hope you’ll stick around! Commiseration is key, right?

Article Posted 5 years Ago

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