We’re With the Band

Last Sunday I took the twins to their very first rock & roll concert. No, we didn’t take them to see Slayer; they’re only three and I don’t even know if Slayer’s together anymore. We went to see Gwendolyn and the Good Time Gang. Hang on, before you freak out, they’re not an actual “gang.” They just call themselves that because they carry weapons and do drive-by’s and that’s their definition of a  “good time.”

Gwendolyn's second CD

They also put on a kick ass kiddie concert. Maybe you’ve heard of the song, “Farm Animal Friends”? It’s catchy as hell and kids love it. Up until Sunday the twins had to be satisfied with watching the video over and over on YouTube so when Jon and I saw they were going to be doing a show at an outdoor arena in Topanga Canyon we thought we’d try a family outing for a change. This, by the way, is risky business.

With two three-year-olds we’re still in the phase  where a lot of planning and meticulous timing is required for traveling farther than five miles from home. Matilda gets hungry, tired, emotional and carsick doing anything more involved than going to the park or grocery store and Sadie has plenty of energy but if anything doesn’t go her way she wants to be carried and unless you’ve just had back surgery, she will not take no for an answer.

Here’s my recommended packing list for an afternoon with twins.

Sunscreen, changes of underwear for both twins, changes of clothing, water bottles, Trader Joe’s fruit snacks, cheese popcorn, baby wipes, camera, taser gun, juice boxes, towels, oranges, cookies, band-aids, a stroller, two Smurf figurines from recent Happy Meal outing, Diego figurine, taggy blankets, turkey sandwich, peanut butter sandwich, video camera, herbal anxiety meds.

Here’s what I actually packed:

Fruit snacks, cheese popcorn, camera.

Apparently I greatly underestimated the needs of toddlers which would arise during the two hours we were away from home. Like I said, we don’t do it a lot.

The fun part of an outing is usually limited to  the  actual event because the before and after can tend to be quite a bit of work. Even the “during” can be a little tough what with all the pee runs I have to go on. Three-year-olds have the bladder capacity of a drunk sorority chick.

But I swear, we did have a great time. To  prove it, I’ve included some pictures.

  • Gwendolyn 1 of 7
    Seriously, this chick can rock out. If you like kids' music. Which I do. I don't need your abusive tone. Go get a family.
  • Dylan 2 of 7
    Is Dylan cool or what? I'm pretty sure she's going to give me that dress. A voice in my head told me that.
  • Gwendolyn and the Goodtime Gang 3 of 7
    Gwendolyn and the Goodtime Gang
    We had good seats. Bam!
  • Me and Matilda (Spidergirl) 4 of 7
    Me and Matilda (Spidergirl)
    Of course all I think is "Oh shit, I need more Botox." I'm neurotic, but still a better parent than you.
  • Bella and Sophie Dancing 5 of 7
    Bella and Sophie Dancing
    These are my friend Julie's children. But I spend a lot of time with them. I'm sure it's okay that I used their picture. Let's not worry ourselves about that now.
  • Matilda Meets Gwendolyn 6 of 7
    Matilda Meets Gwendolyn
    We scored a poster and a new CD. Given how Matilda was feeling, Gwendolyn may have scored a fever.
  • Sweet Sadie 7 of 7
    Sweet Sadie
    Okay, I leave you with some serious adorability. You're welcome.


Article Posted 5 years Ago

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