What 20 Disney Characters Would Be Like at School

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Imagine a school run and attended by only Disney characters. Would there be a lunch table in the back where Jafar, Sher Kahn and the Shadow Man plotted? Would we all play croquet with flamingos during gym? Would Aladdin get suspended for using the genie to help him with his homework? Surely the parking lot would be full of race cars from the Piston Cup, Dumbos and carriages, and the football team would be led by Gaston.

Rarely do Disney characters ever interact, but with the new gaming platform Disney Infinity, characters from every genre, decade and format can interact with each other in ways never before experienced, and for a Disney nerd like me, it’s really exciting. The possibilities of mixing and matching characters and traits got me thinking — what would school be like if regular students were replaced with Disney legends? Who would I want to be my teacher? My best friend? The valedictorian? I’ve come up with a few Disney characters at school, including teachers, staff and students. Click through and see who you would add, replace or hire at a Disney school of your own!

  • 20 Disney Characters at School 1 of 20

    Who would you have run your school?

  • Principal: Mary Poppins 2 of 20
    mary poppins

    Spit spot, Mary would be grand at running a school just like her, practically perfect in every way.

    Image Credit: Disney

  • School Mascot: Maximus 3 of 20

    Is there a more noble, handsome, or hardworking steed out there? Nope, which is why Maximus would make the perfect mascot for a school.

    Image Credit: Disney

  • Art Teacher: Professor VonDrake 4 of 20

    His voice and his sense of humor (not to mention his singing!) would keep me coming to class every day. I learned more about obscure colors from his color song when I was little than I did from my own art teacher.

    Image Credit: Wikipedia

  • Music Teacher: Ariel and Sebastian 5 of 20
    ariel and sebastian

    As if there was any other choice.

    Image Credit: Disney

  • Guidance Counselor: Fairy Godmother 6 of 20
    fairy godmother

    We all wish for a fairy godmother once and again, so why not have one as your guidance counselor to help all your wishes and dreams come true once you leave school and set out into the real world?

    Image Credit: Disney

  • Gym Teacher: Rapunzel 7 of 20

    Who better to fearlessly lead us through mile-long jogs, ropes courses and dodgeball tournaments than the agile and eternally energetic Rapunzel? Extra credit consists of playing nine innings using only frying pans. (My husband also added "She's awfully good looking too." Ah, boys.)

    Mr. and Mrs. Incredible would be in charge of school teams.

    Image Credit: Disney

  • Sociology and Psychology Teacher: Merlin 8 of 20

    Need to learn some important life lessons up close and personal? Merlin will see to it that you learn to swim in a fish's fins, and learn social cues from squirrels.

    Image Credit: Disney

  • Home Ec: Remy 9 of 20

    Say what you want about a rat teaching everyone how to cook, but this rat has impeccable hygiene, and a natural ability and an appreciation for food that I wish more people had. He can also hop on top of your head to help you cook if you're really terrible.

    Image Credit: Disney

  • Wood Shop: Geppetto 10 of 20

    Geppetto would make sure that the art of handmade toys would never go extinct with his kind and patience approach to teaching.

    Doc Hudson would take care of auto shop, because of course.

    Image Credit: Disney

  • Class Pet: Dug 11 of 20

    "I do not know you, but I love you." How much easier would the first day of school have been if everyone had gone in with this attitude?

    Image Credit: Disney

  • Lunch lady: Roz 12 of 20

    Who wouldn't want their chicken nuggets dished up by grumpy ol' Roz? Not to mention she's already got the look of the lunch ladies we all feared in our younger years. Not to mention the school would be safe with Roz pulling secret double duty with the CDA.

    Image Credit: Disney

  • Class President: Lewis 13 of 20

    This is a kid who puts family and friends first! You could always count on him for innovative ideas, creative failures and optimism in the face of any struggle. He'd abide by Walt's own words in his campaign speech — "Keep Moving Forward."

    Image Credit: Disney

  • Best Friend: Merida 14 of 20

    Sure, she'd probably get you into a bit of trouble, but you'd have an awfully good time in the process. Merida's the type of friend who would remain forever loyal, and never betray you over boys or popularity.

    Image Credit: Disney

  • Class Clowns: Mike and Sulley 15 of 20
    mike and sulley

    They make people laugh for a living! Not to mention they're hard workers who put innovation and the greater good of everyone at the forefront of everything they do.

    Image Credit: Disney

  • Homecoming Queen: Cinderella 16 of 20

    This one goes without saying! While there are some kind Disney characters, none portrayed kindness and humility like Cinderella — which makes her a perfect fit for homecoming queen.

    Image Credit: Disney

  • Prom King: Eugene Fitzherbert 17 of 20
    eugene fitzsimmons

    This reformed bad boy would prove all naysayers wrong when he's elected to Prom King. He's friends with everyone and enemy to no one (anymore, at least.)

    Image Credit: Disney

  • Valedictorian: Alice 18 of 20

    She knows how to get along with anything and any everyone! She's a student of the world — having learned from carpenters, walruses, queens and hatters.

    Image Credit: Disney

  • The Super Weird Kid That Goes on to Make Millions: Jack Sparrow 19 of 20
    jack sparrow

    In 10 years you're going to see on Facebook that Jack discovered the rest of Blackbeard's treasure in Tortola.

    Image Credit: Disney

  • Cutest Couple: Mickey and Minnie 20 of 20
    Minnie Mouse

    There's no better couple than these eternal sweethearts. You just know they're going to make it!

    Image Credit: Disney

Image Credit: Disney


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