What Happens on Tumblr…

I must interrupt our regularly scheduled discussion of politics and women and the need for progressive legislation and why parents let their children puke in their hands to tell you that I am having a very long week. One of those weeks where I hope that if I close my eyes tomorrow will be Friday but whoops! It’s only Wednesday. As the hours wore on I knew I needed something to make me laugh or put a little pep in my step. So, I turned to Facebook and what did I find?

Nope. Not an inspirational quote on a blue sky/rainbow backdrop. Nope. Not the 50th regurgitation of a joke on a some e-card. Better. Way better. 32 of the Greatest Things to Have Ever Happened on Tumblr

Wait. There’s more!

You guys? I started to cry laugh. Like, a laugh that started as a slight giggle that I tried to muffle because I am at work after all even though my office has a door that shuts. No, instead I sat here first with the tiniest bit of laughter and then it turned into tears and then a full out guffaw because I need to share my hysterics with passersby.


God bless Buzzfeed and America. Now, go forth and laugh your way through your afternoon. You’re welcome.

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Article Posted 5 years Ago

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