What I Am Replacing 3 Cups of Coffee a Day With

mugs lipI’d only been laying on the acupuncturist’s table for about two minutes before the inevitable gentle-voiced tsk-tsk about drinking bucket-loads of caffeine a day. I  knew it was coming. I’ve heard it from doctors, my therapist, friends, and my own inner yogi (if she has not yet been buried in coffee bean residue).  I know, I know. It is time to cut back on the coffee. Again. For good.

Since I am also making lots of other dietary changes thanks to the acupuncture lady (no wheat, far less dairy, fewer raw foods, drinking herbs and herbs and more herbs), it didn’t seem as daunting to add slashing my caffeine intake to the list. With one caveat. I made myself a deal that I don’t have to give up coffee completely (at least for now), but I will reduce the number of cups I drink per day. That seems doable and far less overwhelming than going cold turkey.

Drinking the herbs (grainy stuff steeped in hot water) several times a day isn’t a beverage delight, but it did make me realize that what I am craving is something warm in a mug. That doesn’t have to be coffee, or even liquid caffeine. I could brew one of the many lovely teas tucked away in my cabinet, but often, those end up over-steeped, bitter and cold on the counter before I remember to bring the mug over to my desk.  Instead, I decided to make this super simple. Here’s what I am doing. 

Cut 3 Cups

For the last week, I’ve replaced three cups of coffee with a mug of hot water with lemon.

Again, I know, I know. You are thinking, “HOW MANY FREAKING CUPS OF COFFEE DOES SHE DRINK A DAY?” I also am aware that switching those 47 cups of coffee to mugs of hot lemon water may give me a reputation of being a bitchy country-club fixture in the same St. John’s suit she’s adamantly squeezed into for the last 40 years. I can live with that, I guess.

Or maybe I will change the reputation of plain, old hot water drinking and soon, you will assume by my order that I am a curvalicious businessy lady in hot pink lipstick.  Even if that never happens, I am hoping that this drink downgrade will help me sleep better, think clearer, eat on a more regular basis and convince the acupuncturist I am an A(ish) student.

Other side effects may include spending less cash on pricey-but-delicious coffee blends, better hydration, less fibrousness in my breasts, even less sugar and dairy, and finally getting my health act (or at least this one) together after years of flirting around with it.

What if I get bored with mugs minus the cream, sugar, and dark, delicious nectar of the overworked single-mom goddesses? Then it will be winter and I can get super-radical and add slices of GINGER. Maybe even a dollop of raw honey. Crazy, right? Yes, just crazy enough to keep zipping up that tweed suit.


How have you reduced your daily coffee intake? Share your tips with the jittery among us.



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Article Posted 3 years Ago

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