What I Learned Last Week

1) I still get Post BlissDom Depression and I’m just beginning to get over it.

It’s like LOST, but we all want to GO BACK to a really glittery biodome filled with smart friends, as opposed to a scary smoke-monster filled island. I hoped the sheer workload of the final stages of launching Picha would distract me from the Post BlissDom Blues, but no.

I’ve been working, but also in my yoga pants eating ice cream out of containers, for the past two weeks.




2) Mornings are less painful with coffee and mini-trampolines.

A few mini trampolines also make the days way more fun and the bedtime routine less tearful.

I bought four trampolines for the Picha Global Suite at BlissDom. By the way, trampolines and a wind machine are necessary for epic photobooth pictures. The Picha team will start sponsoring events with a fun photo set up. BlissDom was our way of dipping our toes in the water. The boys were thrilled that they can play on them between events.


My poor husband keeps thinking they are only a temporary part of the household. Heh.



3) There is such a thing as a kitchen cabinet mount for an iPad.


I mean seriously? This is a fabulously awesome iPad holder. This gravity held kitchen cabinet tablet called for me from the aisle at Target last week. “Alli, Come buy me. I will make you so happy.” You know what? It did.

Money can’t buy happiness, but it can buy a sweet iPad holder that makes me happy while I make the boys’ lunches. Close enough.






4) My teen can (finally) cook!


After we spent an hour under the house during the tornado warnings last week, we all went up to the kitchen and made the Pioneer Woman’s awesome pizza. My 13yo son loves her cookbook because of her gorgeous photos that allow him to read as little as possible.







5) Lemon trees can bloom inside.


They make my whole house smell like honeysuckle. I’m so close to Spring. The weather is finally warm and I’m just itching to get my plants outside.









6) My husband is getting good at winning me over. I can’t resist Skype.

Retro-y Zenbook

He fell in love with my Ultrabook. He and the two oldest boys are skiing this week and he insisted he needed it to skype us at home.


I’m a sucker, obviously.









7) Bunnies happily hop on leashes.


Does it get more awesome than a bunny with a jaunty harness? I say no it does not.

This is the best kind of leash walking bunny, one that lives with my neighbors. We love when he comes to visit. I especially love not owning a bunny.


Borrowed pets? Win!







What about you? What did you learn this week?

Article Posted 5 years Ago

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