What I Miss Most About Walt Disney World Resort

Returning from our recent trip to Walt Disney World Resort has been harder than I would have imagined. I’m the first to admit I love traveling. The anticipation and the excitement of something, somewhere new and different is always enticing. I love airports and flying and hotels. I love mixing, mingling and meeting new people. I love events and conferences. I like teaching, I like sharing, I like listening and learning.  And I love socializing. All that said, I have always embraced the coming home. Being away gives me a thrill, it’s true, but coming home after the leaving is almost always the best part. I find myself appreciating my daily life so deeply when I return. I relish the most mundane parts of my day; my morning cup of coffee, making lunches, the carpool, and all the way through the bedtime routine.

So why then, on the heels of this particular trip, has it been so much harder than it’s ever been before to be back?

The Disney Social Media Moms Celebration was the ideal trifecta of events for someone like myself; part conference, part family fun, part Disney magic. Seriously! What’s not to love? For me, I loved it all which is why, lying awake in bed last night night, I started a list of things I’m missing most about #DisneySMMoms (as they call it) Celebration and our first visit to the Walt Disney World Resort (in no particular order):

  • Best Trip Ever 1 of 26
    Best Trip Ever
  • Setting a Vacation Response for my Emails 2 of 26
    Setting a Vacation Response for my Emails
    There's nothing better than enabling that response!
  • Being Well Taken Care Of 3 of 26
    Being Well Taken Care Of
    We were in excellent hands during our stay with #DisneySMMoms
  • Hotel Living 4 of 26
    Hotel Living
    Beds made, rooms cleaned, no chores. What's not to love?
  • Having a Schedule to Follow 5 of 26
    Having a Schedule to Follow
    I love a schedule, especially when I didn't have to schedule it.
  • Having Built-in Playtime 6 of 26
    Having Built-in Playtime
    It was so awesome having "fun" scheduled in. I loved playing with my family.
  • No Driving 7 of 26
    No Driving
    From bus, to motor coach to monorail, there is never a need for a car.
  • No Homework 8 of 26
    No Homework
    So so nice.
  • No Cooking 9 of 26
    No Cooking
    Nothing better than having delicious meals hot and ready.
  • Work Felt More LIke Play 10 of 26
    Work Felt More LIke Play
    The best case scenario is when work is more like play.
  • Seeing Old Friends 11 of 26
    Seeing Old Friends
    And meeting new ones too!
  • Sharing Mom Time with Other Moms 12 of 26
    Sharing Mom Time with Other Moms
    And in my case, my sisters! My DisneySisters!
  • Having my Family With Me 13 of 26
    Having my Family With Me
    It's not every conference you get to bring your family. I cherished the family aspect of this one.
  • Believing in Magic 14 of 26
    Believing in Magic
    There is a collective energy like nothing I have ever felt. Everyone believes in magic and it's, dare I say? Magical!
  • Special Events 15 of 26
    Special Events
    Disney Princess Coronations don't happen very often. Being there for Merida's was very special.
  • Playing Dress Up 16 of 26
    Playing Dress Up
    Mickey ears, princess dresses, and yes, Merida's wig. Anything goes and everyone is all in!
  • The Pool 17 of 26
    The Pool
    Anyone who doesn't have a pool knows that on vacation a pool is everything.
  • Parties 18 of 26
    They throw the best of them!
  • Entertaining my Inner-Child 19 of 26
    Entertaining my Inner-Child
    Rides, performances, Disney character...everything any child or inner-child could want, Disney offers.
  • Living in a Fantasy World 20 of 26
    Living in a Fantasy World
    Literally. The skyline of the Disney Resorts is stuff only fairy tales are made of.
  • Trying New Things 21 of 26
    Trying New Things
    Who knew my whole family would get wrapped up in pin trading? We're smitten.
  • Getting the Scoop 22 of 26
    Getting the Scoop
    Learning about all things Disney was enlightening and exciting The new Story app was one of many things that were revealed.
  • The Details 23 of 26
    The Details
    None of the small details are lost on me. I appreciate every single one of them!
  • The View 24 of 26
    The View
    This was a sunrise as seen from our room at The Contemporary. I could really get used to that.
  • Making Forever Memories 25 of 26
    Making Forever Memories
    My family will never ever forget this trip and all the memories that were made.
  • Experiencing Walt Disney World for the First Time 26 of 26
    Experiencing Walt Disney World for the First Time
    There's only one First Visit and I am delighted my family and I got to have our first visits together. It was a dream come true for us first timers! Now, when can we go back?

Have you been to any of the Walt Disney Resorts? What do you miss most about your time there? I’m so curious!


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