What I’m Doing for Mother’s Day This Year

rfml nbMother’s Day has bothered for me years. The “ideal” of what a Mother’s Day should be and the reality of it (in my experience) are widely divergent. My husband and kids are always wonderful to me on that day and I truly have no reason to complain.

But something has always been missing for me and it was only last year that I figured out what that was. I wanted someone to get it. Being a mother is a tough and wonderful job. I wanted someone to SEE ME and tell me that it was enough. That even though I was not doing everything right, that my efforts counted. That my overflowing love for my children made up for the fact that I often felt like I was making it up as I went along. That I was a good mom.

And I think the problem with Mother’s Day is that the only people who really get that are other moms. So to fix Mother’s Day – we need to make it about honoring each other and take some expectations off our kids and husbands and partners. I’m not saying that I no longer expect my family to do something sweet for me on Mother’s Day, I just want to make it about something more.

I like to joke about how all I want for Mother’s day is a break from dealing with my stinking dishwasher. But what about all the women don’t have a dishwasher? What about the mothers who don’t have a home, a kitchen, a safe place for their kids? Last year, all of us at Rants from Mommyland worked together to help other moms. It felt amazing. Mother’s Day at least made sense. You can read about it here. We’re doing some of the same things again this year to help moms in need as well as something entirely new.

This year, I had an idea. I could raise money in an unconventional way. You see, last Valentine’s Day I went to go buy a card for my husband and I hated all of them. So I made a series of very silly “Valentines for the Real World” on a whim. They said things like: “Sorry my ass got so big, thank you for still wanting to grab it.”
Within hours of being posted, they had been seen by thousands of people and offers to create merchandise and promote them were flowing in. Seeing how quickly a series of images could go viral, I decided to contact Christine Montaquila and Courtney Weinberg at Naughty Betty, humor greeting card and gift company that I adore, to develop a similar meme for Mother’s Day, this time to raise money for women in need.

We agreed that what Mom’s want for Mother’s Day, and what they get is very different. We decided there was an opportunity for women to share this insight, and in the process, raise money for a good cause.  In a nutshell: we created insightful, funny, sharable eCards. It’s our hope that women will share them with their networks via Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.

For every ‘share’ we inspire, our sponsor Sweet will make a small donation to Shelter House, up to $10,000.  Shelter House is an amazing organization that provides safe haven for homeless families and victims of domestic violence. Learn more about them at

We asked over 40 top bloggers to help us share the eCards across their social media platforms. Every one of them said yes. We’re hoping you will help us by sharing these images next week, too. The images will be featured on Yahoo! Shine on Monday and here, and many other places on Tuesday.

We have no idea if it will be a big viral success or a big floppy failure. No matter the outcome, it’s been a great experience. I have a renewed sense of gratitude for my family and a stronger desire to help others in my community. Both of those things are pretty great Mother’s Day gifts.

Please join me here more Rants in My Pants. You can also find me at Rants from MommylandFacebookTwitter, and being really stupid on Pinterest.

Article Posted 3 years Ago

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