What I’m Grateful for #10: Goodwill Toward Men

Well.  It’s been quite a week, hasn’t it? This time last week, we were all watching the horror that was unfolding at Sandy Hook Elementary. To be honest, I still can’t really talk about it.

But what I can talk about is the amazing actions I’ve seen after Sandy Hook.

I’ve been reading story after story about the creative ways in which people are honouring the victims of Sandy Hook: from art to balloon releases to lanterns, people who are finding beautiful ways to express their intent to honour the lives lost.

I’ve been so moved by Ann Curry’s #26Acts of Kindness, encouraging everyone to counter the evil that occurred last week with random acts of goodness to strangers, because “if you do good, you’ll feel good.”  The acts have run the gamut from folks anonymously paying off the Christmas layaways of strangers, to leaving 100% tips for waitstaff, to putting together care packages for the homeless.

And even beyond Sandy Hook, there have been so many other good things occurring:  travel bloggers raising over $100,000 to build water wells in Haiti, for example, or even a famous author going out of her way to buy $1000 of  toys for kids, out of appreciation for her readers’ support of her best-selling book.  In fact, this week I was asked and thrilled to deliver thousands of dollars worth of gifts on behalf a large corporation to residents at a local women’s shelter for victims of domestic and sexual violence, a shelter that is doing wonderful things to help its clients get back on their feet.

So as we wind down this year and we continue to read news of sadness and strife around the world, I’m grateful for the good that is also happening, even if it’s not the stuff of provocative headlines.

Because while we may not have peace on earth, thank heavens we continue to have goodwill toward men.


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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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