What It Means When One Billion Are Rising

one-billion-risingOne billion people are rising today. Are you?

One Billion Rising is a campaign from Eve Ensler’s V-Day that is trending on social media sites in the UK and North America (at least!) today, with over 200 countries participating. The campaign raises awareness about violence against women and shows the strength of multitudes of voices standing against that violence.

To participate, all you have to do is dance.

Seriously, finally someone understands our inner Fame student and realizes that our heart is a lonely hunter looking for a flashmob.

The campaign focuses on major social media leverage, and its centerpieces are a series of videos, including the One Billion Rising short film, a music video called “Break The Chain,” accompanying how-to dance videos by none other than Debbie Allen, and “I Am Rising” videos (Lily Tomlin!) in which activists and celebrities shared their reason for standing against interpersonal violence.

The global audience — that’s you, and that’s me, and that’s V-Day’s massive network of college programs and community organization partners — is invited to speak out, rise up and dance. Flashmobs are being staged, and livestreams are bringing in feeds of events from around the world. You don’t need a group or a partner, though: Just rise up and dance.

Eve Ensler said:

On February 14, we are rising together because it is in our connectedness, in our stomping feet and uncontrollable hips that the path and energy will be created to bring in a new world. We will galvanize the will and the passion of everyone rising around the world to create change.

I stand against domestic violence, rape and sexual abuse. I stand against violence against women as a global health and political crisis that keeps us all from reaching our full potential as individuals, families, countries and global community. That’s why I support Violence UnSilenced throughout the year, and it’s why I will rise up today, on social media and, why not, by dancing. Let’s do this. What if the energy it creates when one billion rise inspires the needle to move even more one tick towards peace, healing, justice and empowerment? What if we can do even more? I’m in. Let’s dance!

Check the Twitter feed for updates from around the world by searching #1BillionRising.


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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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