What Life Would Be Like In a Pixar World

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What would life be like in an adorable Pixar world? Much, much better. I mean, it’s Toy Story for Pete’s sake, the cutest thing ever. Full disclosure, I’m a movie snob and have zero patience for movies that don’t actually have great family messages. (There’s enough out there that is bad for kids, right?)  That’s why I love great Disney movies and products. I can trust them not to be harmful to my family.  The boys have the new Disney Infinity game and get to build their own little worlds in the game (It’s very cool!) and I started thinking, “What would life be like in one of these cute Disney Infinity Pixar worlds?”

1. Sometimes things don’t go as planned, but that’s okay.

Nothing is impossible


Just pick yourself back up and try, try again.

2.Wonder is around every corner.

Wonder is around every corner in a Pixar world


A sense of wonder is a wonderful thing.

3. Puns rule.

In a Pixar world


Isn’t that punny?

4. Breaking out in dance is always acceptable.

Breaking out in dance is always a good thing.


Can I get a BRAVO up in here?

5. Even running on a treadmill- or old school album- can be the end in and of itself.

Running on a treadmill is fun in a Pixar world


In a Pixar world, everyone enjoys the ride.

6. Old school values like honor and gratitude reign supreme.

Old school values like honor and debt reign supreme


And friends are always ready to lend an ear. (See what I did there?)

7. It’s okay to be sad in this world.

It's okay to be sad


We all get sad, and in a Pixar world it’s okay to own it.

8. Good always wins in the end.

good triumphs over evilgood triumphs over evil


Bad things happen in a Pixar world, it’s true. But in the end, good triumphs over evil and lessons are learned.

9. Nothing is impossible in this world.



Tasks that wouldn’t even be attempted in our world are doable in a Pixar world. Impossible doesn’t exist.

10. We can always laugh at ourselves.

Pixar worldPeople can laugh at themselves


Refreshing, huh?

11. We would always tell it like it is.

People tell it like it is


Being frank is applauded in a Pixar world.

12. It’s not just kids that know the value of a super suit.

Where is my supersuit


Out here in the “real” world we forget that, but ask any kid who wears a cape to kindergarten. They know.

13. Everybody embraces their passions.

embrace your passions


Even if you’re the only one who loves to zoooooom through dusty trails, in a Pixar world you make the time to do so.

14. Imagination is the name of the game.

Imagination is the name of the game


In a Pixar world, if you don’t have imagination, you don’t got nuttin’.

15. It’s cool to do the unexpected.

It's cool to do the unexpected


In a Pixar world, people can be their fabulous selves. Why conform when you can be a rockstar everyday?

16. You know those dreams where you are running and running and not getting anywhere?

Even panic is cute in a Pixar world.


In a Pixar world nightmares just aren’t as scary.

17. Sometimes it’s the little ones who teach the big ones.

Sometimes it's the little ones who teach the big ones


Well, I guess that’s universal, huh?

18. Friends are supportive.

Flaunt it


They cheer each others’ successes and help them through the tough times.

19. People talk through their problems, and aren’t afraid to be honest.

Talk it out in a Pixar world


That’s right, talk it out.

20. Being the center of attention can be fun.

Being the center of attention can be fun


The paparazzi in a Pixar world gives you your space. 🙂

21. Even sarcastic golf-type claps are better in this world.

Golf claps are better in Pixar world


Because they are super speed.

22. You can keep on keepin‘ on without being self-conscious.

Keep on keepin' on in a Pixar world


In a Pixar world, you keeeeeeeep on truckin‘!

23. And you let your freak flag fly.

Let your freak flag fly


Because in a Pixar world, you might get a second glance, but it’s still celebrated.

24. You embrace your inner geek.

You embrace your inner geek


It’s hip to be square in Pixar world.

25. Hope springs eternal.

Hope springs eternal


And limitations are ignored.

26. Sleep is overrated.

Sleep is overrated


Because you don’t want to miss anything in a Pixar world. Why? Because…

27. Life’s a party in this world.

Life's a party in a Pixar world


And everything’s better in a Disney/Pixar world.

Like I mentioned above, the Disney Infinity game has something called the toybox where my boys can actually build worlds based on movies and characters they already love. It’s super cute and very creative.

What about you? What type of world would you build?

And which GIF above id your favorite? I really love the last one. I think I knew that guy in college. 🙂

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