What My 4-Year-Old Loves About Baseball

ballgameToday is opening day of the baseball season, which is pretty much a national holiday in my house. Baseball was one of the first things my husband Mike and I bonded over when we met, even though I’m a lifelong Los Angeles Dodgers fan and he’s a lifelong fan of their arch rival, The San Francisco Giants. Together we’ve done a lot of cool baseball-related things through the years — we went to The Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown, New York, attended an All-Star Game and many playoff games, and even had our engagement photos taken on the field at Dodger Stadium (a perk of being an employee of the Dodgers, as I was at the time).

The coolest baseball-related thing we’ve ever done, though, is take our children to baseball games with us. My son James is too young to express his appreciation for baseball just yet, but my daughter Annie will tell anyone who asks that she LOVES baseball. This pleases Mike to no end, but the thing that I don’t tell him is that the reasons she loves baseball aren’t quite the same as the reasons he does. To prove this point, I asked Annie what her ten favorite things are about baseball when Mike was at work today:

1. “Singing the songs.”

To Annie, baseball games are practically a rock concert. There’s the National Anthem, God Bless America, and her favorite, Take Me Out To The Ballgame. Baseball is just something that happens between songs.

2. “Eating cotton candy.”

Annie said, “I love that when you go to baseball games you can buy the bag of cotton candy and eat the whole thing and not get in trouble!”

3. “When Buster Posey and Matt Kemp hit the ball far away.”

Clearly, Mike has trained her enough to know to say this. And he’s been diplomatic enough to teach her to like home runs by both a Giant and Dodger.

4. “Hot dogs!”

Annie has a hollow leg at ball games and can polish off a hot dog even with all of the other stuff she eats.

5. “Seeing the kids.”

Annie said, “I like to see if the other kids are eating all the same food as me!”

6. “Buying the toys!”

“I like to get the stuffed animals at the store!” Yes, Annie, I know. Incredibly overpriced stuffed animals.


“I like the how the guy says, ‘Lemonade, lemonade! Just like grandma made!'”

8. “I love those red things that you put on your seat and sit on.”

Somehow I doubt Mike’s top ten list includes sitting on a seat cushion.

9. “Popcorn!”

“Popcorn tastes better at baseball games than anywhere else!” That’s because it’s kettle corn, Annie. But we’re going to let her think baseball games just have awesome popcorn as long as we can.

10. “Being there with you, Daddy, and Jamesie.”

Wow, thanks, Annie! We’re your tenth favorite thing? I’m not complaining, though. We made the list.

So, yeah, Annie’s list is definitely a lot different from Mike’s, but that’s okay. Mike and I are both looking forward to having a lot of fun family outings at baseball games this year, and it doesn’t matter what makes the outings “fun” for each of us. Personally, I’d put Annie’s number ten at the top of my list.


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Article Posted 2 years Ago

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