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He wore flippers and a snorkel mask to his birthday party

On his birthday, my newly crowned 3 year-old walked around the house in a snorkel mask and flippers shouting “Cake, Momma, cake!” A unique fashion sense is only one of his amazing qualities. He’s also very good at:

  • Throwing tantrums about random things, usually in really public places.
  • Making his 6 year old brother cry.
  • Shouting “no” at the top of his lungs, roughly 20 times a day.
  • Couch diving while booming in French, “Regarde, Momma, Regarde!”
  • Falling down and then jumping up quickly waving and saying, “I o-ka-kay Momma, I o-ka-kay!”
  • Identifying everything that is his with lightening speed.

Since we are newly re-initiated parents of a 3 year old, I turned to a valuable “fount” of information to find out more about what we were in for. Twitter, of course. I found out that parents all over the world have 3 year olds just as funny, imaginative and infuriating as my own.



  • @Scriblit 1 of 10
  • @AlyssaHarelik 2 of 10
  • @tigersgoroooar 3 of 10
  • @KcBreezy3 4 of 10
  • @truist 5 of 10
  • @the_lissa 6 of 10
  • @InvisionPhotos 7 of 10
  • @PhiliJB 8 of 10
  • @Twitflup 9 of 10
  • @raincityparent 10 of 10

My 3 year old’s snorkel gear might be an eccentric choice for birthday party apparel, but I loved it. I love that he is exerting his will to choose and figuring out, already, where he fits in this world. It is a big task to guide his little life and help shape his character, but I feel comforted knowing there are other parents out there dealing with tantrums and potty training and pull-ups. Way to go twitter parents, I’m with you!

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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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