What you need for your second baby, according to Alison

When I tried to register for my fist baby I walked into Babies R’ Us and had a full blown panic attack. I know, I’m a bit dramatic, and there were probably other fears under the surface…haha, but I kid you not, my husband had to drag me out of the store in tears.

Thankfully I’ve figured a few things out since then. The number one thing I’ve figured out is that moms are kind of nuts when it comes to recommending products. If you try to listen to all your friends you’ll probably go a bit bonkers too. Especially if they have just had their first baby. And I get it. They love a few things and can’t imagine functioning without them. And that’s cool. You can listen to them, or me, or your mother-in-law (HA!) but I will say I tend to be a minimalist when it comes to baby stuff.

When it came to getting things for baby number 2, I was super choosy about what things I’d buy. I didn’t need to buy much, but I’m really really happy with the things I’ve gotten so I thought I’d share my absolute favorite.

So here’s what you need for your second baby, in my opinion.

For reference, Gigi or Ginger is my first, and Rad, or Radcliff is baby #2. He is currently 2 months old!

  • A Double Stroller 1 of 10
    A Double Stroller
    Caboose Ultralight Stand-On Tandem Stroller by Joovy
    I was lucky enough to be able to try some friend's tandem strollers before deciding on one. I knew WITHOUT A DOUBT I wanted a Joovy. My little girl ADORES standing on the back and it is SO affordable. It's good looking too. Spring for the drink holder accessory and you're as good as gold. I cannot say enough good things about this stroller.
  • An Awesome Body Pillow 2 of 10
    An Awesome Body Pillow
    Bump Nest Body Pillow
    Technically this is for you, not for the baby. But you need a good nights sleep more than ever when you have a toddler on the loose. I loved this pillow, and recommend it over my Snoogle- which I had for pregnancy #1.
  • A gift for the older child 3 of 10
    A gift for the older child
    Bubble Gun from Toys R' Us
    I'd read one way to help the older child to adjust is to get them a gift from the baby. I'm not made of money, so Gigi (my lil lady) got a bubble gun from baby Rad. SHE LOVES it. And so does every other child that enters our home. It made baby Rad a rockstar. I remind her that her brother gave it to her every time we play with it.
  • Shoes that STAY put 4 of 10
    Shoes that STAY put
    Moccasins by Freshly Picked
    I became a Freshly Picked convert with Gigi. Yes, these shoes cost $60. It's a lot. But I've spent WAY more than that on shoes that don't stay on tiny feet. Plus you can buy them a bit big and they will still fit and stretch as your child grows. Plus you'll get compliments everywhere you go. I have 2-3 pairs of Gigi's that still look gorgeous and Rad will wear them!
  • A baby wrap 5 of 10
    A baby wrap
    Striped Organic Bamboo Wrap by Solly Baby
    It's really nice to have a hands-free option for baby #2. Gigi hated to be cuddled, but Rad never wants to be away from my giant nipple. (TMI ?) This wrap is lightweight and so nice.
  • Baby blow-out stain fighter 6 of 10
    Baby blow-out stain fighter
    OxiClean Baby Stain Remover
    Oh baby poop. Why do you stain like a beast?! After a lot of research and trial, I'll tell you OxiClean Baby is my favorite. If the stain doesn't come out totally after washing you can set the item out in the sunshine and the sun will break down the rest of the stain. YOU ARE WELCOME.
  • An app to save your mind 7 of 10
    An app to save your mind
    Total Baby App
    This is maybe the best $5 I spent on baby #2. I cannot even try to pretend to remember which side I last nursed on, let alone for how long the baby ate. I sincerely think Rad has less tummy issues because of this app. I'm better at making sure he gets the hind milk (the milk that comes at the last of the milk in your breast). I didn't know this with Gigi, but some babies are sensitive to the foremilk (the milk at the start of the feeding) because it has more lactose and is not as easy to digest. Or something like that. Either way, it's important they get the hindmilk, and this app helps me make sure I'm doing that. I cannot nurse without this app. It makes it so I don't have to keep track and I LOVE IT.
  • Rash and Acne Cream 8 of 10
    Rash and Acne Cream
    Calendula Cream by California Baby
    I had this cream with Gigi too, but needed a new tube. It's a miracle cream! It doesn't cure baby acne, but it makes it less red. It's so thick and lush, I use it too if I want to calm down my skin.
  • A special blanket or two 9 of 10
    A special blanket or two
    Organic Mountain Swaddle Blanket by Juniper Wilde
    I use swaddle blankets for everything- as a nursing cover, a burp rag, for swaddling...duh. I liked having a few new and special blankies for baby #2. I have this one in a cloud print and it's SO cute. I want it in every picture.
  • New bottles 10 of 10
    New bottles
    Boob Baby Bottle from Joovy
    My bottles were kind of trashed. I nurse mostly the first year, but need bottles occasionally if I've pumped milk and want to be free of my tiny ball and chain. These Boob bottles are new from Joovy and I adore them! Rad took to it right away and didn't get gas from it. The bottle has a really cool insulator and a sleek design. Plus I love the name. Ha.

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