What’s wrong with these photos? (Hint: I’m not in them!)

My daughter J at the beach this week.

I’ve already mentioned that  my two older kiddos, J and E have been at the beach (in Florida) for the past week with their dad and stepmom. They are having a great time, and they won’t be home for another day or two. And now, as of yesterday morning, Jon has taken G and C to a different beach (South Carolina) for 5 days with his parents.

So at the moment, everyone in my family is at the beach – my fave place in the world -everyone, that is, EXCEPT ME!

Something is wrong with this picture; I’m the fanatic beach lover in this family, yet I remain landlocked in Knoxville today. It’s so unfair. I mean,  Jon doesn’t even LIKE the beach, although he does like having the time with his family, plus C looooves the beach, and Jon was excited about getting to introduce G to the ocean for the first time. But I really do love the beach in a very powerful way – I have a dream of living on or very near the beach one day –  and I didn’t go at all last year because our family beach trip had been scheduled for the last week of May/first week of June, and obviously, I wasn’t going anywhere at that time.

But this week just wouldn’t work out for me to head out with anyone on a beach trip. I have too much going on with various work-related things, and I’m also too busy working on Henry’s case to leave town.

So for the moment, I am having to live vicariously through photos of the kids enjoying the sand and water. But I can’t wait until August, when I will get to spend a few days on the beach together with all 4 of my kiddos in the same place, plus cousins, aunts and uncles, etc, etc. I really need a beach trip with my children this summer – even if it’s just a short one.

My four punkinheads at two different beaches this week.

Fwd: 11 pictures for you

Kids beach

Fwd: 11 pictures for you

elliot big fish

Fwd: 11 pictures for you


Fwd: 11 pictures for you


So what about you? Are you a beach person or a non-beach person? If you like the beach, where do you like to go? And what are your family’s vacation plans for this summer? Tell me, and let me live vicariously through you as well 😉




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