What’s Your Backpack Personality? The Best Back to School Backpacks

Have your kids selected their backpacks yet? For many kids, back to school time is the perfect time to try out a new look or test out a new style. Choosing the right backpack is a serious matter!

Does your kid’s back to school backpack reflect their personal style?

As a mom of four I’ve perused thousands of backpacks.  My kids have gone back to school outfitted as tech enthusiasts, as artists, as bohemian free spirits, and as skater dudes in years past. Even in preschool, they rocked pink pony and robot styles. Every year brings a new style vibe and I welcome these expressions of their personality.

We’re still deciding on their backpacks for this year, and it’s not going to be easy. So many great choices. I’m overwhelmed with all that’s out there!

Are you still shopping too? Here’s a collection of  our favorite packed-with-personality backpacks, perfect for your family’s precious personalities.

Whether your kids are practical or whimsical, starting pre school or headed to high school, there is a bag out there that is just right. There may even be one that is just right for YOU. Click through the slide show to the end to see my drool worthy choice for a cool mom backpack.


  • What’s Your Backpack Personality? 1 of 34

    Is your kid a dreamer or a gamer? Is your style more daredevil or social butterfly? No matter who you are (or want to be) this school year, there is a backpack for you. Moms too! 

  • The Undercover Kid 2 of 34

    We have a Perry-obsession around here which is why my kids are all drooling over this Perry-full backpack from The Children's place. Even my high school aged daughter. Don't underestimate the kid that carries this bag. They aren't missing a trick! Agent P Backpack $17.46

  • The Party Planner 3 of 34

    This backpack is packed with pattern and color. It's perfect for a girl who likes to bring together elements of fun. She knows just which friends to invite over, just how to decorate, what to serve and what to wear for any occasion. Garnet Hill Backpack $44.95

  • The All American Kid 4 of 34

    Is there anything more classic than a Jansport backpack? They have been the backpack standard for decades. An all American classic, this backpack has All American kid written all over it. The kid who carries this backpack is sure to be a star in their school. Jansport Super FX Backpack $50.00

  • The Surfer Girl 5 of 34

    She's got a pocket full of seashells and a faraway look like she's listening carefully for the distant sound of the surf. Mellow and chill, she's a good friend to have, if you want to avoid drama. You just have to be ok with a little sand in your shorts from time to time. This bag is perfect for a sporty free spirit.  Roxy Backpack $52

  • The Practical One 6 of 34

    LL Bean backpacks are not inexpensive, until you consider their guarantee. They stand behind their well made products and this is a sturdy pack that will serve your kid for multiple years. It may serve younger siblings as well. It's the gold standard for rolling backpacks. The kid who rolls with this backpack is solid, smart and responsible. They have the keys to their parents Subaru and they know how to drive.  LL Bean Deluxe Rolling Backpack $99.95

  • The World Traveler 7 of 34

    For her, it really is a small world. She's been just about everywhere and she loves to travel and collect friends from all over the world. Ask her to show you her souvenirs and her photos. Just hanging out with this one is sure to always be an adventure.  Le Sportsac Backpack $142.99

  • The Wise Little One 8 of 34

    Seriously, how did she KNOW? This kid is always coming out with doozies. She's wise beyond her years and this is irresistible in such a cute little package. I hope you are recording her pearls of wisdom for posterity.  Skip Hop Backpack $19.99

  • The Animation Junkie 9 of 34

    This dude is SO into his TMNT stuff that it's geektastic. Whether he is a kid or adult or hybrid kidult, he's not afraid to have a good time, and therefore makes people smile. Mask optional.  Teenaged Mutant Ninja Turtle Backpack $39.99

  • The Sporty Girl 10 of 34

    She's disciplined and organized. She gets up at 5 am and heads to practice before most kids have even brushed their teeth. Some marvel at her ability to get it all done and still pull straight A's but she makes it look easy. She has a plan and she's going for it - for the win!  Nike Backpack $44.09

  • The Stand Up Guy 11 of 34

    This is the kid who you want to vote for in the school elections. He is cool without being flash, responsible without being boring and just all around dependable and cool. He's got a few unexpected tricks up his sleeve and is basically good at everything. He stays light on his feet and makes it look easy.  Land's End Feather Light Backpack $44.95

  • The Boho Chick 12 of 34

    She's into making her own jewelry and considering setting up an etsy shop. Friends and family love her free spirited sense of style and originality. This backpack might be a little more mature and arty than some of the things her friends are carrying, but that's sort of the point, now isn't it? Sakroots Backpack $79.00

  • The Skater Dude 13 of 34

    This bold and graphic backpack is perfect for that kid who can't wait to test the new trick he's been daydreaming about. He defies gravity on a regular basis and rarely colors (or skates) inside the lines. He's usually a blur because he's moving so fast. Catch him if you can.  Hurley Backpack $32.00

  • The Magical Dreamer 14 of 34

    She skips to her own beat, and believes in magic. The tooth fairy and Santa are her bffs. Glitter is a must. Don't burst her bubble. Buy into this make believe world and enjoy the rainbows and unicorns while they last!  Hanna Andersson Backpack $25.20

  • The Daredevil 15 of 34

    His parents have the pediatrician on speed dial. He's got a collection of his old casts, complete with signatures..  Lucky for him he's a quick healer. Maybe this x-ray bag will save him from future trips to the ER this year? He's got a good sense of humor about his humerus. He'll probably grow up to be a radiologist XRay Bones Backpack $65.00

  • The Nice Girl 16 of 34

    She's a good girl. Nice to everyone she meets. She keeps her room tidy and helps elderly folks cross the street. This girl is likely to excel at anything she puts her mind to because people like her and her upbeat spirit is contagious.  Herschel Supply Backpack $49.99

  • The Minecraft Expert 17 of 34

    He's the admin of his own server and knows how to spawn. After he finishes his homework, he builds a working model of your home town from digital bricks. His mind works in mysterious ways and he is always thinking about his next creation which is sure to blow your mind.  Madpax Blok Backpack $60

  • The Mod One 18 of 34

    Some kids have the uncanny knack to see the future. This is one of them. They are wired and connected to some sort of cosmic network that ensures that they always know what's hot before everyone else. Still, they play it cool. Being mod means you're always one step ahead. While others are going gaga over a trend, you're moving on. Gotta keep it simple. Kipling Backpack $59.99

  • The Little Swinger 19 of 34

    This kid just can't sit still. He's running, he's climbing he's skipping and jumping. It's like the world is his trampoline. You can't help but laugh at his crazy antics. Best to pack a change of clothes in his backpack. He tends to get into all kind of shenanigans.  Skip Hop Rolling Backpack $30

  • The Tomboy 20 of 34

    Don't tell this girl what she can and cannot do. She'll show you. She's not patient with boundaries and doesn't mind getting her hands dirty. She's the perfect blend of brains, beauty and can do capability. Plus she skates and/or snowboards. Look out world!  Dakine Backpack $34.95

  • The Social Butterfly 21 of 34

    She's a little aloof and hard to pin down. She leaves a sparkly trail behind her, along with a lot of dazzled admirers. Some may accuse her of being a little spoilt but they just don't understand her. She's not spoiled. She's special.  Tinkerbell Backpack $12

  • The Gamer 22 of 34

    He's got all the cheats memorized and can get to level ten faster than you can say "extra lives". This dude is formidable but don't let the spiky exterior fool you. He's a marshmallow on the inside. A real sweetheart who lives to play with his friends. Madpax Later Gator Backpack $60

  • The Guy Next Door 23 of 34

    This backpack is cool enough to fit in without too much of a second glance. Yet you sense a certain something and look again. You might have missed it at first, that subtle quality that makes the boy next door seem suddenly so attractive. Oh yes, you see it now. He's just perfect isn't he? He grows on you... Gap Kid Backpack $32.95

  • The Pretty Prepster 24 of 34

    She's head of the adorable committee and captain of the cute squad. Everyone likes her. No mean girl vibes here. This sweet, popular girl comes in peace.  Pottery Barn Kids Backpack $39.95

  • The Cool Dude 25 of 34

    This guy knows how to roll with it. He's unphased by dude drama and comfortable in his own skin. He doesn't need to go out on a limb for attention and has no need to get flashy to prove anything because everyone already likes him... he's already cool. Easygoing, confident, he just fits in anywhere.  Pottery Barn Teen Rolling Backpack $89.95

  • The Giggly-poo 26 of 34

    This little cutie is prone to fits of the giggles that are highly contagious. She's small but powerful. Just one peal of her laughter is enough to take down an entire lunchroom.  Madpax Bubbles Half Pack Backpack $48

  • The Posh-ah 27 of 34

    Nothing but the finest for this discerning princess. She appreciates comfort and quality and has an eye for detail. Everything about her is perfectly coordinated and fabulous. Her notebooks, boots and locker theme are likely to be upholstered in matching faux fur. Pottery Barn Teen Plush Backpack $79

  • The Life of the Party 28 of 34

    Some guys are really not all that good at being scary. They have a tell. You can see right through them and then you know the truth about them being total sweethearts and you just want to hug and squeeze them and invite them to your birthday party. These are those guys.  Monsters University Backpack $12 

  • The DJ 29 of 34

    He doesn't go anywhere without his laptop and his tunes. He's mixing it up and making every get together a party. He's not afraid to inject a little color and personality into his personal style. This backpack is perfect for that guy that gets everyone grooving. Volcom Backpack $67.00

  • The Eclectic Girl 30 of 34

    Who says you can't wear stripes and plaid together? From day one this girl has insisted on wearing two different socks with her rainboots and tutu. Why fight it? Celebrate her unique sense of style with this whimsical backpack. Little Miss Matched Backpack $17

  • The Boy Scout 31 of 34

    This kid is old school. He's got the basics covered.  You can rest assured that you won't get lost or go hungry around this one. He can build a lean to and navigate by the stars. He's able to catch fish and start a fire with two sticks. He's a model citizen. There's something so reliable about canvas. Gap Kids Backpack $39.95

  • The Drama Queen 32 of 34

    This girl can dance, and sing. She gets the lead in all the school plays. Life in the spotlight was what she was made for and she rolls there smoothly and evenly. Don't hate her because she is beautiful. Just make sure to get her autograph before she hits the big time.  Gap Kids Backpack $39.95

  • The Hipster Chick 33 of 34

    Some kids are deeper than others. Even if they shop at PINK. They ponder life on other planets and write songs about distant stars. This kid is seeking something out there and who knows, she might find it. Sometimes the mall surprises you. Have an open mind. Victoria's Secret PINK Backpack  $44.50

  • The Totally Together Mom 34 of 34

    She's always on time and first on the pick up line. She never misses a conference and bakes the best cookies for teacher appreciation day. All of her kids are popular and great students (no wonder, would you look at how awesome she is?) and she's always perfectly groomed without going overboard. It's like she woke up looking that fabulous with zero effort.


    Why should the kids have all the fun? I snuck in a backpack rucksack for me too... at least the me I'd like to be this school year!  Madewell  Rucksack  $248

Article Posted 4 years Ago

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