When Travel Delays Strike: How The Oscars App Saved Oscar Night

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I’m a seriously undeniable film geek. I’m also a screenwriter and an entertainment blogger, so you can see where getting stuck in a Tennessee airport on Oscar® Night when I should have been at a viewing party in the Hollywood Hills would be upsetting for me in more ways than one.

Every year since childhood I’ve greeted Oscar night with a party. Whether it was the all stops pulled champagne parties my parents and their friends would throw, or the “gather at a bar to cheer on colleagues with the other below-the-liners” events I became more accustomed to in my own adult years, I’ve never celebrated an Oscar night without a drink in my hand and friends by my side. Until now.


OH. THE. HORROR.  There were no seats near the TV and I couldn’t even drown my sorrows on Twitter because everyone was too busy live-tweeting–all of the live tweeting that I couldn’t participate in was just too much to bear. I was standing in line for some land-locked-airport sushi so I could drown my sorrows in Sake when I saw it, like a sign from Bette Davis herself. There was a girl sitting at a table not far from me who was watching the red carpet arrivals on her iPad. I had an iPad. I asked her what site she was watching it on and she shrugged — “It’s just the regular Oscars app”.

JUST THE REGULAR OSCARS APP? This was no regular app. Not only did I watch the red carpet live within the app, but I was also able to watch live press-room coverage of the winners as they came off stage. I live-tweeted like a madwoman. Even as my plane boarded and I moved from the lounge to the tarmac, I was lost in my own virtual Oscar party.I’ll always be a little grateful for that Oscar night spent in Tennessee, because now I know to keep my iPad handy on Oscar night. I’ve already filled out my in-app ballot, and they’ve also got a handy dandy nominee cheat sheet and trailers and clips for all the nominated films. It’s Oscar watching on a whole new level. Even if you’re watching on an airport TV.


To download the updated 2013 version of the app for your own Oscar party, click HERE. And check out for even more behind the scenes goodies!


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