Which Peanuts Character Are You?


I’ve long wondered if cartoons messed with my mind as a child.

I watched a lot of different kinds and genres, so it was never clear to me if I had been influenced by them or not, but I think that’s because I consumed such a heavy volume that differentiating their influences was impossible.

One cartoon that struck me recently and gave me pause was Charles Schultz’s “Peanuts.” My son and I were watching a holiday special. Charlie Brown was busy being his standard “woe is me” self. Following a conversation with a friend on Twitter, we really got into the nitty gritty about the show.

I used to think I was Charlie Brown. Weird, right?

So, I decided to assess each character anew, and I think I’ve determined who I most closely resemble. Which one? THAT’S NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS…

But what about you? Which character are you? Think of this as a faux personality test. Hell, it’s probably better than the ones they use at schools.

  • Charlie Brown 1 of 9
    Strengths: Sentimental, Loyal
    Weaknesses: Self-obsessed, Depressive, Easily discouraged, Worrier, Hyper-analytical of events and people
  • Snoopy 2 of 9
    Strengths: Extroverted, Leadership, Playful
    Weaknesses: Boastful, Attention-hungry, Aggressive, Some pathological lying.
  • Linus 3 of 9
    Strengths: Insightful, Diplomatic, Perceptive, Open-Minded
    Weaknesses: Overly-attached, Insecure, Sensitive, Pontificating, Shy
  • Lucy 4 of 9
    Strengths: ?
    Weaknesses: Controlling, Disagreeable, Bossy, Manipulative, Mocking, Hostile, Domineering, Fault-finding
  • Schroeder 5 of 9
    Strengths: Creative, Diligent
    Weaknesses: Solitary, Unemotional, Repressed, Obsessive, Stoic
  • Peppermint Patty 6 of 9
    Strengths: Skilled, Goal-oriented, Assertive
    Weaknesses: Overbearing, Competitive, Troublemaking, Narcoleptic
  • Pigpen 7 of 9
    Strengths: Organic
    Weaknesses: Poor hygiene, Lazy, Clumsy, Unaware
  • Marcie 8 of 9
    Strengths: Devoted, Sarcastic, Booksmart, Linguist
    Weaknesses: Suggestible, Unexpressive, Sociopathic, Possible Serial Killer
  • Adults 9 of 9
    Strengths: Unassuming
    Weaknesses: Mumbling, Ambiguous

And in case you need one more thing to make your day, how about this version of the “Harlem Shake” with all the Peanuts Characters. You’re welcome

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Article Posted 5 years Ago

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