Who’s Up For Irish Twins!

So, I have been trying to think of some clever or interesting way to share something big and wonderful with y’all, but I’ve just kind of drawn a blank. But I did want to share this happy news, because you have all held my hand through so much sad news over the past year, so here goes:

Jon and I are very excited to let folks know that we are expecting a baby in the  summer.

(Okay now…pick your jaw up off the floor. Climb back up in that chair you just fell out of)

NewBaby and G will be about 13.5 months apart – Irish Twins, if you will.

The universe throws us some curve balls in life, fo’ sho’.  Sometimes they are painful, tragic, horrible, even. And other times, these pitches that come out of left field are opportunities for growth and joy and more love. I really have always wanted a large family. I just didn’t expect to have it happen in such a twisty-turn-ey kind of way.

So yeah, a new baby. More love. More joy. And yes, more diapers, less sleep and another opportunity to gain enormous amounts of weight (on top of the weight I still haven’t lost from giving birth 6 months ago).  But you know what? I am so up for this.

Game on.

Love,  Katie

PS: Yes,  in just a few weeks,  at a date and time that has now been scheduled and set in stone, Jon will indeed be having the minor surgical procedure we hadn’t gotten around to getting done since G’s birth  😉


Article Posted 7 years Ago

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