Why Alyssa Milano’s “Leaked” Tape Is a Lesson For All Americans

Who knew you could learn something from a sex tape? Alyssa Milano’s was quite informative. Why was I watching a sex tape while my kids were at school? Sometimes I like to check Google Trends to see what Americans are searching for. It’s a window into the thoughts of people living all over the country and what interests them. It often makes me sad, as it did today.

What was trending? Was it that the president tried Friday to garner world support for a military strike on Syria to hold its government accountable for reports that the country unleashed chemical weapons on its own people, including children? Nope. The top trend for Friday morning was the RoboCop trailer. Next up was news that NFL player Jacoby Jones needs an MRI on his knee, followed by more news about the NFL season. Okay, people like football. I get it.

The trend that really caught my eye was Alyssa Milano’s “Sex Tape.” Now, normally I shy away from anything that says “Sex Tape” (okay, half the time I do) but this was from Funny or Die. It was “leaked” Tuesday and went viral almost immediately. It starts out with Alyssa and a very hot man wearing bathrobes telling the camera that they are in Cabo. Then they move into a bedroom and set up a camera. Just as it’s about to get good, the camera gets shoved in the direction of the television where a reporter is giving an update on the conflict in Syria.

Not only is the video hilarious, it does a public service by giving viewers an apolitical update on the situation there. The reporter gives the conflict in Syria historical context and also information about what has happened in recent weeks. It’s an update that people will need now that the president said he will address the nation next Tuesday in an attempt to get American support for a strike on Syria.

What a genius way to get people’s attention. She sent out tweets on Sept. 4, the day the tape was released, that said, “What sex tape?” and “Oh, no! Not sure how it got out.” It had 3.5 million hits as of today.

She told Mother Jones Magazine:

“I think it was a really fun way to get people to realize that there are important issues our country is dealing with right now,” Milano tells Mother Jones. “If people end up learning something about the crisis in Syria that’s a good thing—even if I had to do a sex tape to lure them in.”

I hope the reason that people were not searching google for information on Syria is because they are already aware of the situation. I also hope that Alyssa Milano makes more sex tapes.

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