Why I Didnt Want To Potty Train My Daughter

With my first son, I looked forward to potty training him. He, of course, was in no rush to say goodbye to his diaper. We tried toilet training him for several days and after much frustration and too many “accidents,” we just decided he wasn’t ready and left him alone for a while. Two months later, he was ready and it was so easy. It helped me tremendously that he was a boy; it was very convenient to take him to the bathroom without having him actually sit down on a stall in a public restroom. He was so considerate that he preferred his potty at home to do number two.

Fast forward a few years and the time came when my daughter started showing signs of being ready to bid farewell to diapers. This time, I wasn’t ready. I did not want to potty train her. Just the thought of having to take her to public restrooms grossed me out. Too many germs lurking in there that could give her who-knows-what-disease.

So, I delayed the inevitable. Even when she was showing signs of being ready, such as being uncomfortable in her diaper, taking it off and letting me know when she needed to go to the bathroom, I still was reluctant to toilet train her. It stressed me out to leave behind the peace of mind her diaper gave me. I felt that I needed to protect her bottom from all the nasty germs that surely were waiting to attack her as soon as she sat on a public toilet.

Yes, I have issues. I am slightly germaphobic. It doesn’t interfere with my daily life or cause problems to those around me so I just deal with it and carry hand sanitizer with me. Ever since I read they had the highest germ count, I hate touching faucets in public restrooms, so I avoid them as much as I can with the help of a paper towel. Since I travel a lot, you will see me using alcohol-based sanitizer frequently and then slathering hand lotion because my skin tends to dry out.

So, how does a germaphobe deal with potty training her daughter? Aside from facing my own issues, I have a few confessions to make. I started carrying disinfectant wipes with me. Yes, to wipe the toilet before my precious daughter’s bottom would come in close contact with it. I also had a folding toilet seat insert that I carried in my bag for peace of mind. Of course, this could not go on forever so after leaving the portable toilet seat at home, I started to put paper on the toilet seat after I had wiped it down with the wipes. Not very eco-friendly but it still makes me think I have avoided other people’s germs coming in contact with my daughter’s private parts.

My little girl is almost 7 years old now. Yes, she goes to the bathroom by herself and sadly for me, she loves visiting public restrooms. Let me phrase it this way: she has a very fast metabolism. Over and over again I have realized children come to teach us many things, especially to face your own issues and deal with them. So, I have gotten better at my own bathroom and germ hang-ups. And hopefully, my kids will simply be careful about their hygiene and not develop a phobia.

Products to help you during potty training if you hate germs

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