Why I Don’t Want My Kids to Call Me Mom

Everywhere we go, people comment on it. “That’s so weird, why doesn’t your son just call you Mom?” I respond like I always do, with the truth. I kind of dig it, actually. Here’s the deal. My middle son doesn’t call me “Eva” because that’s pretty darn disrespectful. We’re not friends, after all. By calling me “Eva,” that would equate an equal playing field, much like the preschool my son attended. It was very Reggio inspired, but sadly, not my cup of tea. You know why? Teachers are NOT our equals, they are our superiors. That’s an important lesson for a youngster to learn. You can’t tell your boss to “suck it,” even if you really think it. Instead, my son calls me “Ms. Eva” and he does it in the most respectful and affectionate way. And you know what? I love it. Here’s why:


1. If the kids start acting up, I always say “Now what’s your mom going to say about that?”

2. It makes me feel young and free, like a twenty-something European au pair. I can roll my eyes and say “I just can’t wait to get off of work tonight” and really mean it.

3.I can make irresponsible choices like give them ice cream at the park before dinner. 

4. They can eat Doritos and Cheetos without any guilt on my part whatsoever. Their Mom packed them organic fruits and veggies, but Ms. Eva lets them eat junk.

5. There is never any confusion when multiple kids start screaming “Mom.”

All in all, Ms. Eva rocks. She’s not anything like Mom. Mom is responsible, authoritative and boring. Blah.

*The little dude in this pic is my son’s doppelganger and best friend. His mom, Bernadette Rodriguez, is a super talented photographer. I love their style.

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