Why I Never Let My Kids Beat Me In Anything at Anytime

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I’m a dad. We have four kids that range in age from 5 to 19, and I have a confession to make.

I never let my kids beat me in anything at anytime. Basketball, soccker, UNO, coloring, it’s all good! I know, someone just gasped and I heard you through the computer screen.

How could I allow this to happen in the age of everyone gets a trophy? Easy, I let it happen because Everyone Gets A Trophy (EGAT). I want to cultivate a desire in my kids to win because in life you rarely win if you don’t try hard and give maximum effort. In the, EGAT world effort is rewarded and you can lay on the side of the field pulling up weeds and still be a winner.

We can’t even get away from the EGAT syndrome when we send our kids to school. Our oldest son was allowed to retake high school tests as many times as needed to pass. If you knew you basically couldn’t fail, why would you study in the first place? Why not just take the test and see how you make out then regroup from there?

I’m not out to dominate them, just to make them lose. If I allowed my six year old to beat me in basketball what would she have to look forward to? It would give her a false sense of accomplishment. So instead what I do is let her score a few points, then I score a few. Then I let her pull ahead, then I come back like LaBron in game 5 of the semi-finals just to make sure there aren’t any upsets. After the game I give her a hug and a hi-five. Then I tell her what she did good at and where she needs some work.

I’m a proud Papa and I’m happy to know that the day that they beat me they’ll actually deserve it.

Do you let your kids beat you? Why or why not?


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