Why I Vote: Tired of Hearing About Budget Cuts for Education!

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My girl just started kindergarten this year and now we can no longer remain asleep-at-the-wheel regarding the horrible state of affairs for public schools in California and in the U.S. The two PTA meetings I’ve been to have been all about making us terrified aware of the imminent budget cuts coming our way for the 2013 school year.

Our school district, Glendale Unified, is facing budget cuts in the 20 million dollars range. Of course, this means administration and teachers will get laid off; class sizes will increase to a 30:1 ratio; and an increase of approximately 20 more furlough days per year where teachers don’t get paid and our kids lose valuable instruction time.

I go to these meetings to soak it all in and to allow myself to get angry enough to move me into action. How can I most effectively help in creating any sort of change? By talking and writing about it, but most importantly, by VOTING.

There are two very important propositions on the California ballot this election: Prop 30 and 38. Explaining both in detail will take another whole blog post, and why should I do it when MomsLA already did a great job at it. But the main point is that a YES on both will mean one or the other will pass and save most districts from having to go through such humongous and drastic cuts. The budget will still be in red and we’ll be paying more taxes, but it has potential to save our teachers and so much more.

I’m already tired of hearing about budget cuts for something so essential like education during the most instrumental years of a child’s life. I want to advocate for the option of language learning as early as possible in all public schools because the benefits of bilingualism to kids developing brains and future career opportunities in a global market are just huge. I just find it to be such an overwhelming task because even the basics are starting to lack in many schools. I vote to not get discouraged and know that it is parents that need to speak up for our children’s future. Speak up, vote, and make it count!

What about you? Why do you vote?

The First Lady Michelle Obama and Babble want to know why you vote, so they’re asking you to create a Pinterest board showing what motivates you to be heard and share it. You might get repinned by Michelle Obama herself! Get all the details HERE and enter before October 23rd.

And, GO VOTE!!


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