Why I’ll Never Put Carpet in My Kid’s Rooms Again

Our home started out with off-white carpet throughout. Every inch of floorspace, with the exception of the kitchen, was carpeted by our builder. Even the bathrooms. It was like a bad joke. Off white carpet for a growing family with kids and pets and nothing but mud and dirt in the brand new yard.My family was the punchline.

We attacked the floor in pieces. First the master bath, then the laundry room. I left the carpet in the kid’s bathrooms for a year or two – knowing it would be gross and had to be replaced, but if they fell while getting out of the tub? At least nobody would get a concussion on the floor. There would be less blood.

Carpet in the bathrooms is awesome like that.

I didn’t think I’d have to do their bedrooms before I did their bathrooms. I really thought the bathrooms would bite it first, what with the potty training… But I have a puker. Like how I go right to the bodily fluids?

My younger daughter was known for many things when she was little. Her unique sense of style, her whimsical crafts. And unfortunately, her tendency to throw up, a lot.

She threw up on my husband’s brother’s wife, the first time they met. She threw up in the pool, at the swimming lessons I signed her up for, shutting down the pool for all. She threw up at camp, in the car, in her bed and any time she cried or had so much as a sniffle, she threw up on her floor. Her poor floor.

It only took a couple of months until her carpet was something that people in Haz Mat suits had to remove. We had to replace her flooring and we had to do it FAST. Forget about the bathrooms. Forget about the plans for the library and the master bedroom. Our top flooring priority became the kid’s rooms. My top priority became a flooring choice that made clean ups fast, easy and sanitary. I was sick of being stressed out all the time because she was too little to make it to the bathroom.

We chose Pergo flooring which we purchased at Home Depot and had their team install.

Ten years later I don’t have a single regret. The flooring still looks brand new. You’d never guess. We went on to do all of our children’s rooms in the same light colored wood flooring because we were so happy with it. I still love this light and bright flooring. I used the same one in my closet as well.

We’ve put the Pergo flooring in our kid’s room through just about every type of abuse short of a flood.  We’ve dropped things. We’ve spilled. We’ve been sick and we’ve potty trained all over these poor floors. They’ve taken it and keep on keeping on.

It’s almost enough to make me weepy. With all the messes and daily property destruction of childhood, the fact that this flooring has been there for me – solid, unchanging and undamaged, is really reassuring. If only the plaster on my walls fared so well.

My daughter is no longer a puker. But she has been known to spill nailpolish. The floor forgives her.

Disclosure: This post has been sponsored by Home Depot. Which is actually where I got our flooring almost a decade ago. So I feel pretty good about saying, as usual, all opinions are my own! “A big thanks to The Home Depot for sponsoring this campaign. Click here to see more of the discussion.”


Article Posted 5 years Ago

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