Why I’m Not a Big-City Gal

I’ve never loved the city, and I’ve spent years of my life hiding this very fact. Everyone around me – especially at work – seems to just love cities more than the next person, and so for ages I’ve tried to pretend to embrace cities as much as I seem to see those around me doing.

The problem?

It’s not just true to who I am. At heart, I’m not a city kind of person, and my rationale is a bizarre mix of nurture and nature and conditioning that even the best of psychoanalysts would have a hard time pulling apart.

And so, here are the (admittedly weird) reasons I’m not a big city kind of gal.

  • It’s All About the Concrete 1 of 5
    It's All About the Concrete
    I've never been a fan of concrete, and buildings, and - gasp! - skyscrapers. Sadly, cities are full of these things. Walking along city streets - even ones I know are known as the most beautiful this side of planet earth - still leave me looking for green.
  • It’s All About the Work 2 of 5
    It's All About the Work
    Interestingly, as someone not raised in a big city I thoroughly associate cities with work, work and more work. When I think of being in cities, and traveling to cities, I never think of the families that live there - or the tourists that came - and instead to me cities seem a nexus of all things stressful: work.
  • People Are All Dressed Up 3 of 5
    People Are All Dressed Up
    In my mind, cities are places with little casual living afoot, and the best indicator of that is the way that folks dress up on a regular basis. Coats, ties, necklaces, hats (for women and men) are hardly a rarity. And the further east you go (Paris, Moscow, Hong Kong) the truer this rule. But I'm not a dressy kind of gal.
  • Numbers Numbers Numbers Numbers and Bright Lights 4 of 5
    Numbers Numbers Numbers Numbers and Bright Lights
    I associate cities with numbers and bright lights, and the combination of these two stress-inducing items are never truer than when standing on a street corner looking up at a flashing (bling! bling!) digital billboard. In this way, cities make me want to hide.
  • The Country Ain’t There 5 of 5
    The Country Ain't There
    Overwhelmingly, the biggest reason that cities aren't my cup of tea is the simplest. A city just isn't the country. It's true, folks. For every city that exists, a country setting is somewhere else. And that somewhere else is where I'd rather be.

Article Posted 3 years Ago

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