Why Santa Likes Rich Kids More Than Poor Kids

When I was a kid, my best friend’s family was poorer than mine.Santa

I didn’t know that, though.

Then one year Corrie told me “Santa doesn’t like us.”

Apparently the previous Christmas she’d asked and begged for one particular gift. She’d been super good.

Santa didn’t bring her the gift she asked for.

But that was the year I noticed that my cousins got the brand new Nintendo gaming system they’d asked for. (yeah, first Nintendo, I was a little!)

That was the year I found out Santa really liked rich more than poor kids.

I remember a Christmas as a mother in a room full of kids with cancer.

How many of those kids wished that their cancer would go away? How many wished they wouldn’t be sick any more? How many woke up disappointed when the one thing they asked Santa for wasn’t a reality?

Christmas 2009. I was in a nursing home. Recovering from the strokes that nearly took my life. My family tried to celebrate the holidays.

My youngest said she asked Santa to make Mommy better.

We’re about to celebrate Christmas 2011 at home, together. Some Christmas wishes can come true slower than expected.

In this time of a bad economy. With lost jobs and homes. Struggling families.

I hurt for the families that will be teaching their children the hard lesson this year. The parents that want to provide what their paychecks cannot.  Maybe Santa DOES like rich kids more.

But it’s such an important opportunity to teach your family, teach yourself, that the most important things you can get are 100% free.


Article Posted 5 years Ago

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