Why The Holidays Make Us Crazy

The holidays make us crazy. The season should be all about love, support, family, friends and giving, and it is. But let’s be honest, LIFE IS NUTS in December. And nowadays, the chaos creeps into Thanksgiving as well.

Why do holidays make us crazy now? I posed this to my girlfriends as we were trying to organize our chaos, and we can’t quite figure it out. We’re all busy, but that’s nothing new because our lives are busy all the time. Every day of the year has its own exhausting elements… sometimes fulfilling and sometimes not, but beautifully exhausting. And that’s where I think the problem lies. So much of December is about making time for everything and keeping up with your schedule, meaning sadly there is less enjoyment and fulfillment and so much room for error. Holiday gatherings, birthday parties (there are a crazy number of kids born during the holiday!), holiday performances, wrapping, shopping, elf on the shelf moving, Christmas decorating, tree watering, etc.; it’s a happy list but a hefty one that carries a lot of responsibility. There is way too much to keep track of which often creates the crazy. But all of these things can add to your holiday happiness if you go into the season with the right mindset.

Think about these 7 things. . .

  1. Don’t worry about being PERFECT the perfect gift, the perfect outfit, the perfect day it’s too much stress and one can never achieve perfection. So throw perfect out the window. Be happy with the beauty of arriving slightly late with disheveled hair and a half drunk bottle of wine. People will immediately find you more approachable and relatable. They’ll all be thinking, that’s my girl! Check out “5 Ways to Let Go of Perfection” from Huffington post.
  2. Not everything has to be completed before Christmas. I love getting “holiday” cards in January or February. So consider making a New Year’s card. Truthfully, it gives us an excuse to keep them out on the mantle or posted on the refrigerator longer.
  3. A new years get together can be way more fun than a hectic December soiree. Spread the party-wealth into the month of January. We will all be longing for some fun and friends come January 20th! In fact, with the Olympic Games in February, save up and have a “GO USA” party instead. For more details about Team USA’s Road to Sochi 2014.
  4. Unplug a bit because here’s what inevitably happens…After racing around to 20 different events/school obligations/after school activities, we’re beyond frazzled. Then we get home and try to carry way too many things into the house at once because, God forbid, we make a second trip to the car all while talking on the cell. And that’s when it happens, the phone slips away from your ear and in super-slow-mo drops to the cement or into a puddle and life just got incredibly more chaotic. It’s those moments that put us over the edge, so let’s nip it before it nips you and your happy moodJ  UNPLUG when things get crazy. You can call whomever back later. And consider spending a few hours with your family unplugged, not distracted by others. Just enjoy the time and conversation. Need tips on how? Read “Holiday to-do list: Unplug with your kids” by Adriana Velez, Digital First Media.
  5. Take some time for yourself to exercise and work through the stress. You’ll be amazed at what 30 minutes and a little sweat can do to lift your holiday spirit. Be sure to take note of tips #8 & #9 in this article from the Mayo Clinic.
  6. Don’t over plan on the big day.  Make your morning as low key as you want it. The true joy of Christmas morning is feeling the love from your family and friends. That doesn’t need to come with an elaborate production. Keep it simple to keep it happy.
  7. Enjoy every moment. Little ones and their genuine intrigue and excitement for the BIG day create amazing feelings of joy and happiness. These feelings won’t last forever, so try to slow down and soak it up. And once your family becomes “too big” for the awe, use the time to create more memories. Spend more time together, not more cash. Play games, bake, volunteer, embrace the spirit of the season because it is the beauty within the chaos.

So when your tree is slightly tilted, your cookies are a little crumbly, and your outfits are never perfect…embrace it and find the joy. Love is in the air… Christmas love. Stop for a second, feel it and send it back out for someone else.

Happy Holidays!

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Article Posted 3 years Ago

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