Why We Care About Kim’s Post-Baby Body

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In case you’ve been in a hole in the ground for a month, North West is now six weeks old. This week, Kim Kardashian teased the press again by hinting she would be making her first appearance post-baby on her mom’s new show. (She did, in a way, but through a taped video.)

Although anything Kim does seems to become national headlines, the current interest will mostly center around one particular thing: her weight.

Every celebrity faces such issues in getting her body back, but Kim has a lot of baggage surrounding the issue. After all, not only has the media always had a field day with her weight, but the criticism against her during pregnancy put it at a fever pitch. Articles throughout the world shouted the same thing: Too big, too big, and where’s her stylist after all?

As she enters the post-birth¬†journey that millions of women start each month, I can’t help but wonder if things will be different for her. And I’m sure we all know the answer: No.

So why do we care so much?

Because we like a real story. And, although many aspects of Kim’s life can hardly be said to be steeped in reality, the potential weight struggles we see her grappling with do appear to be real (or at least more real than anything else). Indeed, for women everywhere who struggle with weight both during their pregnancy (Have I gained too much? Have I not gained enough?) and after, Kim presents a more realistic face than a svelte Megan Fox does.

And so, as we watch that almost-real reality world of Kim Kardashian from afar, we want to see how it all turns out. (For her, and for us.)


Article Posted 3 years Ago

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