Why We Shouldnt Stop Talking About The Royal Birth

Okay...this would be awful. (photo courtesy of @dailymailuk)
Okay…this would be awful. (photo courtesy of @dailymailuk)

It’s quite clear that there are two (maybe 3) camps when it comes to enthusiasm surrounding the announcement of the Royal Birth this week.

The first group is genuinely excited about the birth.  They want to see pictures, news reports, hell – maybe even buy a ticket to London to stand outside the hospital.  This group also has many “splinter” groups who include individuals who really only care about Kate Middleton’s hair.

The second group is not interested, but, interested enough to let us know they ARE NOT interested:  Who cares!  What EVS – IT’S A BABY.  Every 5 or 10 minutes they tweet out that they still don’t care and then go and pretend to smoke or something.

The third camp belongs to people who actually don’t know this family exists.  These people live and breathe and I’m slightly jealous they never get sucked into the vortex of social media.  They do things like water their grass while looking at the grass and not at their phone.  It’s confusing.  Just close your eyes and walk away.

But the truth of the matter is that the newly minted “Prince George” is perhaps reminding everyone that – birth –  is actually a pretty big effing* deal.  That there was once a time when a birth was celebrated on a grand level.  Mothers were referred to as Goddesses and the creation of life was still mind blowing.  Until, of course, somewhere along the line someone discovered this magical power and made it into something, you know, just kinda “normal”.  So much so that women suddenly had to find a way to vote again.

Imagine this was your birth announcement.  Now imagine him naked, and Ryan Gosling.  Why not?! (photo courtesy of @dailymailuk)
Imagine this was your birth announcement. Now imagine him naked, and Ryan Gosling. Why not?! (photo courtesy of @dailymailuk)

Someone hide that miracle birthing woman under the carpet!  She looks too sparkly!

This sentiment was never more apparent than after Kate Middleton gave birth.  Facetious Facebook statuses and tweets were rampant:


Followed up by


So hold on…

Okay, I get the message.  Giving birth is normal and so is having a healthy bowel movement.  But, my friends, unless you name your bowel movement, feed it and then teach it to walk: IT IS NOT THE SAME THING.  It’s not even in the world of being the same thing.  And the fact that anyone would think it is means that we have essentially failed as a human race.


If we recognized it truly for what it is – AMAZING – women everywhere wouldn’t be suffering constant injustices, lower pay, fighting for our rights…the list just goes on.

We would be Goddesses – revered, honored, adored and praised.

So I say let’s keep talking about this Royal Birth and whomever else is going to give birth.


Because it’s a miracle.  Don’t let anyone tell you differently.

*Clearly you understand I can’t use the adjective I’m dying to use…you get the point.

I heart you,



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