Why’d I Saddle Myself With This? Second Guessing My Project 365


It was a whim, really. I’d gotten a camera upgrade over the holidays, and my receivers guilt dictated that I do something drastic to prove that I was ready for my pricey gift. “I have a blog”  I thought “and I have a camera. I’m gonna post a photo every day this year.”

The problem with the speed we’re living life at these days, is that hobbies appear to require some form of accountability or they fall off our every growing to do lists. At least if you’re as much of a slacker over scheduled as I am. I operate at a level that requires that I don’t sit down much, and when I do I often find that my anxiety goes in to overdrive as I’m sure there as 39644567 things I’ve yet to do. Remember when we used to turn off our computers and go home at the end of the day? Yeah…neither do I.

I sat in my friend Brooke’s backyard, intentionally having left my camera at home and now mentally chiding myself for it as I was watching our toddlers swing happily together. I couldn’t help it, the words just spilled out:

“I hate this photo a day thing. I want to quit.”

And then as soon as I said it, I changed my mind. How embarrassing. Quitting after two months? How could I face myself? And the whole point is to reacquaint myself with the camera. No, the whole point is to get so good at using the camera to design the photo I want that it just becomes second nature. And as Brooke pointed out, looking back at a year of photos and having accomplished it is going to feel really good. Plus I haven’t even figured out what my editing style of choice is yet. There’s still so much to learn. Quitting after two months. Really. When did I become such a wimp?

It’s like last year when I got a puppy and then accidentally got another puppy. In the beginning I was just ragey and wondering why I was allowing these beasts to make my life worse while watching them destroy my stuff. But now they bring actual joy in to my life. Maybe I just have to wait until my photo-project is fully house trained before I can start to enjoy it again.

Anyway, here’s my February in photos. How’s yours been?

  • January 31st 1 of 20
    January 31st
    Breakfast with Grandma.
  • February 2nd 2 of 20
    February 2nd
    We visit my sister-in-law in the snow.
  • February 3rd 3 of 20
    February 3rd
    My SIL and BIL watch each other instead of the Superbowl.
  • February 4th 4 of 20
    February 4th
    Scott hangs a fort in Dee's room. I need to get better at shooting in low light.
  • February 5th 5 of 20
    February 5th
    I'm finally invited in to Dee's dance class with my camera.
  • February 6th 6 of 20
    February 6th
    Bounce houses rule.
  • February 7th 7 of 20
    February 7th
    Girl loves to paint.
  • February 8th 8 of 20
    February 8th
    Every morning Dee races me to the car.
  • February 9th 9 of 20
    February 9th
    I get to spend some time hanging out with Dee's friends at School.
  • February 10th 10 of 20
    February 10th
    I love watching my girl dance.
  • February 11th 11 of 20
    February 11th
    We're not morning people.
  • February 12th 12 of 20
    February 12th
    Chasing balloons in the morning.
  • February 13th 13 of 20
    February 13th
    Best Buddies
  • February 14th 14 of 20
    February 14th
    Happy Valentines Day!
  • February 15th 15 of 20
    February 15th
    On the day of my friend's funeral, my favorite tree blooms.
  • February 17th 16 of 20
    February 17th
    Stinkerbell naps in the sun.
  • February 18th 17 of 20
    February 18th
    Lindsey pays us a visit.
  • February 20th 18 of 20
    February 20th
    Eric, always on my side, tries to convince Scott to eat shrimp.
  • February 21st 19 of 20
    February 21st
    Forget the groundhog, it's spring when the bubbles come out.
  • February 22nd 20 of 20
    February 22nd
    My little fairy princess marches in the Purim parade.

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