Winter Loves You

Who needs to be actually moving when you look this cool?
Who needs to be actually moving when you look this cool?

In the Great White North of Canada there has been more snow than in recent memory.  And here’s the thing…it’s only FEBRUARY 28th.

I know…

So instead of beating my fists in the air and letting lack of vitamin d get me down I’ve taken my children to the outdoors. Yes, people. The movies have been turned off, the skates have been sharpened, the sled is in full motion and the snow pants are regularly soaked.

Winter has called and it wants me to stop complaining.

So in my attempt to introduce my children to the wonders of winter I recently took my eldest to ski school. (And If you haven’t seen toddlers belt down a snow hill then you haven’t lived).  The magic of ski school for kids is that they whisk the kids away for 5 hours feed them lunch, teach them how to ski and create an environment that is centered around fun learning.  All this, while you ski with friends and enjoy a mid-day fireside pint.  HEAVEN.

The kids ski program we checked out was at Blue Mountain in majestic Collingwood, Ontario. A fantastic small town, for every season, which also boasts the theatre company that happened to produce my very first play (Bless you Theatre Collingwood!).  The Resort at Blue is literally bursting with activities for kids so if you’re spending the weekend you will never run out of things to do.

As someone who learned to ski in her early twenties I quickly realized how less painful it would have been had I tried this earlier.  But I took lessons in Whistler B.C. and after sticking to the green runs for the first couple months I finally graduated to a steeper grade.  I could already tell after spying on my daughter that she was picking it up far faster than I did at 4 times her age.  That alone was worth it to me.

After skiing we headed to the Plunge Pool and chased each other around the indoor/outdoor pool.  Yes, outdoor.  How Canadian of us.

As for myself I conquered my first black diamond.  For those of you that don’t ski it’s the mountain that makes intermediate skiers whisper expletives at the top.

A weekend fueled by lots of family time and the great outdoors is now on my list of top priorities to survive winter. That, and those fire-side pints I mentioned, of course.

Check out you local hills for programs and kids activities.  If you want to find out more information about Blue Mountain go here.

P.S.:  Enjoy Winter – it’s only around for another month (oh please oh please oh please)

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