Words of Wisdom All Kids Should Hear


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As the long days of summer were winding down, we took a family vacation to visit the great-grandfather of our boys. The thing about Papow? He knows the score. He is a wealth of knowledge and spending time with him allows us to reconnect to our roots. We all look forward to the words of wisdom he sprinkles throughout our visits.

Papow’s insights were especially helpful as the boys started another school year. They are grounding. They are rejuvenating.  They are reinforcing.  They are like a deep cleansing breath that settles you down and prepares you for what lies ahead.

Do my boys realize this? Probably not. But I can see as they spend time with them they just soak up his life lessons. He has a way of sharing them that is pretty special. They adore their Papow (well it goes without saying that we all do), and the wisdom he imparts carries a particularly hefty weight.

And while his sage pearls of advice are timeless and universal, being reminded of them before heading into classrooms and playgrounds is an added bonus. It helps to keep the big picture on my boys’ radars.

And because I believe wisdom is meant to be shared, here are a few of Papow’s best wisdom for you.

  • Never stop learning. 1 of 8

    Everywhere you look there is something to be discovered. Learn something new every day, and you'll be on the path towards success.

  • Pick friends who make you laugh. Hard. 2 of 8

    Because at the end of the day when someone can make you laugh until you cry, they are a treasure.

  • Don’t get all wrapped up caring about what your peers think. 3 of 8

    Know that being "cool" is a state of mind and really boils down to having integrity and being your best self. That's ageless.

  • Don’t dress to impress. 4 of 8

    Follow your school's dress code or uniform requirements and don't worry about following the fads. Dress respectfully and stick with the classics.

  • All in good time. 5 of 8

    Don't get ahead of yourself wishing you were older. Enjoy where you are right now. You'll be in the driver's seat before you know it.

  • It’s not always going to be an easy road. 6 of 8

    There will be potholes and problems and pop quizzes.  Work hard and persevere. That will get you where you want to go.

  • Papow has your back. 7 of 8

    So do your brothers, your mom and dad. Our family is a big team, rooting for each other to succeed.

  • The world is yours for the taking, son. 8 of 8

    You're only limited by your own insecurities. Now go do your homework.

What words of wisdom get passed down in your family? Share in the comments!

Article Posted 4 years Ago

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