Words of Wit and Wisdom, Except Wisdom

Eric Ruhalter is a wordsmith, or as he describes himself  “a Lexiconnoisseur” which means – “A lover of words.” In fact “Lexiconnoisseur ” isn’t even a real word, it is made up (by Eric). So technically, he is a maker-upper of words. He does this professionally, which awesome because who knew that was even a job?

Eric is the genius behind the book series “The KidDictionary: Words Parents Need To Describe Their Kids”.  In addition to these, he’s now also writing “Words of Wit and Wisdom (except Wisdom)”. Here are some examples that I love, most of which have to do with parenting and kids. Hopefully these will spawn his next book series!

  • Here we go! 1 of 13
    Here we go!
  • Shamrocks can be pricey. 2 of 13
    Shamrocks can be pricey.
  • This should be law. 3 of 13
    This should be law.
  • So true. 4 of 13
    So true.
  • Why not real ciggarettes? 5 of 13
    Why not real ciggarettes?
  • I will say it a thousand times. 6 of 13
    I will say it a thousand times.
  • Don’t forget about napkin pants. 7 of 13
    Don't forget about napkin pants.
  • I love this. 8 of 13
    I love this.
  • Parenting rule #1 9 of 13
    Parenting rule #1
  • No!!! 10 of 13
  • Star Wars reference? 11 of 13
    Star Wars reference?
  • We call it “the wadding method” at my house. 12 of 13
    We call it "the wadding method" at my house.
  • That’s so mean! 13 of 13
    That's so mean!

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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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