Work Hard, Play Hard: Babble Celebrates BlogHer with a Party

Thousands of bloggers traveled to Manhattan this week for the annual BlogHer conference. And since so many of them were Babble’s very own talented bloggers, we decided we needed to throw a party. So where better to host than Babble HQ itself, in the heart of downtown Manhattan?

Last night’s party was the perfect opportunity for Babble’s staff and bloggers to hang out in person (or, for some, to finally meet for the first time!). We were so excited to see old friends, make some new ones, and celebrate the start of the BlogHer conference.

Bottom line: We all had a great time. To see for yourself, just check out some of these photos from last night! A big thanks to all who attended for making our party a success! — Babble Editors

  • Beginning with a bite 1 of 48
    Beginning with a bite
    This tuna tartare was just one of a delicious selection of appetizers provided by NYC's Krisp Events.
  • Luckily these beef tenderloin bites were tiny… 2 of 48
    Luckily these beef tenderloin bites were tiny...
    So it didn't matter if we had four... or five... or stopped counting. Right?!
  • So many glasses… 3 of 48
    So many glasses...
    It's almost overwhelming. Almost. Luckily we can handle it.
  • Getting the party started 4 of 48
    Getting the party started
    Babble co-founder and general manager Rufus Griscom and director of blogs and social media Catherine Connors are ready to get this show on the road!
  • They finally meet 5 of 48
    They finally meet
    Social media intern Tim Brodwater and blog coordinator Corinne Bagish finally get to hang out with blogger Meghan Gesswein!
  • Babble’s intern team 6 of 48
    Babble's intern team
    Editorial interns Foram Mehta, Rachel Coleman, Caitlin Palmer, Karen Hor, and Emma Hinchliffe were excited to take part in their first Babble party!
  • A friendly chat 7 of 48
    A friendly chat
    Babble's director of analytics and content strategy Jack Murnighan chats with 5 Minutes for Mom's Janice Croze.
  • Office buds 8 of 48
    Office buds
    Executive assistant Kelli Mears and network administrator Dexter Mills keep this office going, and we couldn't be more appreciative!
  • Say what?! 9 of 48
    Say what?!
    Babble Voices blogger Ali Worthington seems captivated by the conversation.
  • Say cheese 10 of 48
    Say cheese
    Babble interns Rachel and Foram are all smiles.
  • Babble’s super-cool, top-secret handshake 11 of 48
    Babble's super-cool, top-secret handshake
    Just kidding. We have absolutely no idea what developer Jim Williams and editorial assistant Jill Capewell are doing here.
  • Reunited 12 of 48
    The happy face and tight hug in this photo pretty much sum up how we feel about meeting our bloggers.
  • Our youngest party guest 13 of 48
    Our youngest party guest
    No one could get enough of Nadia Carriere's adorable baby boy — including director of blogs and social media Andrea Zimmerman!
  • Caption contest 14 of 48
    Caption contest
    Anyone know what's going on here between blogger Rachel Faucett, managing editor Dara Pettinelli, and Babble Voices blogger Monica Bielanko?
  • The good life 15 of 48
    The good life
    Dexter, Caitlin, and Rachel enjoy the work-free office environment.
  • Group hug 16 of 48
    Group hug
    Because there's always time for a quick photo.
  • Cracking up 17 of 48
    Cracking up
    Whatever editorial intern Kyle Edwards said, Jack had a great reaction.
  • All smiles 18 of 48
    All smiles
    This is one night social media analyst Reece Karbowski and editorial assistant Jennifer Gimbel are happy to stay late in the office.
  • Smile pretty y’all 19 of 48
    Smile pretty y'all
    Unless, like Jill, you're just too cool. From left to right: blog coordinator Lindsay Hood, Jim Williams, Jillian Capewell, and senior designer Chris Chaput.
  • What’s wrong, Roxas? 20 of 48
    What's wrong, Roxas?
    What could Reece have said this time to have associate editor Andrea Roxas looking so blue?
  • Our signature cocktail 21 of 48
    Our signature cocktail
    Created just for the occasion, Babble's cucumber basil martini was a refreshing treat on a hot summer night.
  • A Pinterest pin waiting to happen 22 of 48
    A Pinterest pin waiting to happen
    Yes, those are polka-dot straws, and yes, they match Babble's colors.
  • Cheers 23 of 48
    To new friends and old friends; to Babblers and bloggers; to you and me and everyone we know... the toasts got sillier as the night went on!
  • Why so serious? 24 of 48
    Why so serious?
    Look out! We're pretty sure Reece is planning world domination. Either that or contemplating his next drink.
  • Setting the tone… 25 of 48
    Setting the tone...
    ... Of Babblers mingling with bloggers, Rufus and Catherine take a second to smile with Babble Voices blogger Thomas Beller and his wife — and co-blogger! — Elizabeth.
  • A funny surprise 26 of 48
    A funny surprise
    Babble blogger Rachel Faucett gets a little creative on her BlogHer badge with a Babble shout-out to Andrea Zimmerman and managing editor Dara Pettinelli.
  • Taking it all in 27 of 48
    Taking it all in
    Yes, if you look in the right-hand corner, that is a disco ball. What, you don't have one in your office?
  • Bee-ing silly 28 of 48
    Bee-ing silly
    Babble's social media analyst Reece Karbowski hams it up with Babble Voices blogger (and The Daily Show star) Samantha Bee.
  • Gotta love girls’ night out 29 of 48
    Gotta love girls' night out
    Associate editor Andrea Roxas gets a hug from blogger Casey Mullins and Casey's friend.
  • Go team! 30 of 48
    Go team!
    Day in, day out, blog coordinators (from left to right) Lindsay Hood, Alie Martell, and Corinne Bagish provide invaluable support to Andrea Zimmerman.
  • Girl power 31 of 48
    Girl power
    Babble's co-founder and director of product and sales strategy Alisa Volkman chats with Catherine Connors, Andrea Zimmerman, and Babble bloggers Natalie Holbrook, Rachel Faucett, and Michelle Horton.
  • A chance to mingle 32 of 48
    A chance to mingle
    Andrea and Lindsay hang out with bloggers Lauren Jimeson and Shana Aborn.
  • Mix and match 33 of 48
    Mix and match
    We love the mix of Babblers and bloggers alike in this picture of (from left to right) Jill Capewell, Lindsay Hood, Lori Garcia, Devan McGuinness, Corinne Bagish, and Reece Karbowski.
  • Friends reunited 34 of 48
    Friends reunited
    Here's Andrea with Babble Voices blogger Ellen Seidman.
  • Room with a view 35 of 48
    Room with a view
    We had to show off our killer view from downtown Manhattan, of course!
  • What’s so funny? 36 of 48
    What's so funny?
    Wish we knew what these four were laughing about!
  • The staff that smiles together … 37 of 48
    The staff that smiles together ...
    Roxas, Andrea, director of operations Ramon Vinluan, and Reece come together for a photo op.
  • Making the rounds 38 of 48
    Making the rounds
    Andrea chats with Meghan Gesswein and Babble Voices blogger Heather Spohr.
  • Babble meets HuffPo 39 of 48
    Babble meets HuffPo
    Rachel, Dara and Andrea hang out with Margaret Johnson of Huffington Post Women.
  • Two pretty ladies… 40 of 48
    Two pretty ladies...
    The obligatory "Let's take a picture of ourselves" moment. Andrea and Casey totally pull it off.
  • … And two pretty silly ladies 41 of 48
    ... And two pretty silly ladies
    Andrea and Casey quickly go from glamorous to silly.
  • Resting their feet 42 of 48
    Resting their feet
    Andrea and Babble bloggers Jessica Ashley and Kelly Wickham take a seat (on our new Babble couches) for a change.
  • Showing some love 43 of 48
    Showing some love
    Heather Barmore and Babble Voices blogger Monica Bielanko look like they're getting along just fine.
  • Long-lost buds 44 of 48
    Long-lost buds
    After working together online for so long, Lindsay and Casey were happy to hang out in person!
  • Is that a bunny or a Bee? 45 of 48
    Is that a bunny or a Bee?
    Catherine poses with Babble Voices blogger Tracey Gaughran-Perez — while slyly giving Samantha bunny ears!
  • More Babble love 46 of 48
    More Babble love
    Sam has some fun too, posing with Tracey's date, Charlie.
  • Couch candid 47 of 48
    Couch candid
    Babble Voices bloggers Sam Bee, Amy Corbett Storch, and Allana Harkin are caught mid-conversation.
  • Gang’s all here 48 of 48
    Gang's all here
    ... Or at least everyone that managed to stay until closing time!


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