Would You Try: Chalk Hair Dye?


Ever since I read about chalk hair dye on a blog post last summer I’ve been dying to try it. As one who often balances the itch for doing something drastic to my hair with a dreadful fear of ever changing my hair too drastically, hah, it’s sort of right up my alley. Impermanent, cheap, fun. What could go wrong?

This month we’ve slowly been packing away all our winter coats and replacing them with all our summer gear. Picnic blankets, bathing suits, playground toys. When I pulled out a very dusty bag of old sidewalk chalk yesterday afternoon, I knew it was time to give it a whirl. The time! It has come!

Here is how you apply sidewalk chalk to your hair: You soak your chalk of choice in water until it is good and soaked and soft, and then you scrape it over your hair. As if your hair were… sidewalk. I know, it’s not necessarily the most high tech process. Which is sort of what makes it so genius!

Here are some extra tips and ideas, should you take this one on yourself:

1. Make sure the chalk is really soaked. As soft as you can get it. If it’s not properly soaked it will pull at your hair and cause some breakage. Ouch.

2. Be prepared to get chalk everywhere. Most especially on your hands and clothes. Wrap a towel around your shoulders before you begin. Luckily chalks are 100% washable and will not stain anything–not even your hair!  Hence the genius nature of this project. 😉

3. Chalk small sections of hair at a time. And don’t forget to chalk both the front and the back of each bit of hair.

4. Allowing your freshly chalked hair to air dry is your best option, as the process does get your hair a bit wet and blow drying will sort of scatter the chalk all over everywhere.

5. Chalk is extremely drying to the hair follicle, so if your hair is exceptionally damaged you might want to skip this project all together. But should you try it and love it, remember! As long as you’re not washing your hair every day this can last up to a whole week! 😉

6. Chalk hair dye will work even on the darkest of hair colors. I did the classic 90’s hair color stripe and I really hated it. What was I thinking? But THIS looks amazing! It’s also a really hard rock look on little boys. 😉



Give it a try and tell me how it goes!

Chalk on!

Article Posted 3 years Ago

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