Wouldn’tcha like to be a Dadder, too?

Did you see that? As if conjured from thin air, there is suddenly a little slice of Internet that is 1) backed by one of the world’s largest, most multi-tentacled media empires, and 2) devoted entirely to blogging fathers! And it all happened in the blink of an eye!

Well, 7 years, 263 days, and the blink of an eye. (That’s the current age of Daddy Types, which I’ll argue made the first big dadsplash back when we were all just Mombloggers Without Uteri, and is still killing it after all these years.) In keeping with its long-held promise to invite more dadversation into its mommyverse, Babble has brought together four prominent dads from the four corners of the (southwestern) United States.¬†And what are they up to?

Theeeeey’rrrrre … Dadding!

What is dadding? No one’s entirely sure. It sounds like one of those fake, never-before-uttered, gotta-be-unique Internet words, like “Zappos.” Or “Ashton Kutcher.” Most experts believe it’s meant as a cutting-edge neologism that exemplifies the ever-more-engaged nurturement of modern fatherhood–and the burgeoning bunch of bloggers who are writing about it.

Whatever dadding is, we’re all doing it. I dad, you dad, he dads. (Even she dads!) We’re all dadders, dadding away at our daddyesque derring-do, taking an interest in the food our kids eat, the programs they watch, the behaviors they exhibit, the love they need, and the fun they deserve.

This is the point in the blog post when the arena goes pitch black, the PA system starts blaring the Alan Parsons Project, and a lone klieg light sparks from a remote corner to focus on:

  • Jason Avant! The veteran point guard and erstwhile gadfly who started DadCentric, which, a scant six years later, was honored by Parenting magazine’s editors as the best dad blog of 2011!
  • At forward, Ron Mattocks! The author and social media professional with three sons, two stepdaughters, his own press kit, and an abiding, flagrant love of Richard Marx!
  • At center, Mike Adamick! The stay-at-home dad, essayist, and radio personality who was recently honored as Babble’s Top Dad Blogger for 2011, and is so cool that he doesn’t even use Twitter!
  • And Michael Sheehan! Whom I hope to meet soon!


You want to know the second-best thing about this quartet? They’re all members of the Dad 2.0 / Man of the House / NYC Dads Group / DadCentric / DadLabs Movember team, which as of this writing is about to raise its 10,000th dollar toward curing prostate and testicular cancers.

And the best thing? They’re here, as part of this new blog, four points on the dadding compass, bringing their diverse talents to dadblogging’s biggest platform. With luck, more readers will get a better insight into what modern dadding is. And maybe that Kutcher kid will learn a thing or two before he becomes one.

Article Posted 5 years Ago

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